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Industrial Hemp Research Reports

Industrial Hemp Research Reports

Generally known as hemp, and part of genus Cannabis, industrial hemp is an agricultural product that is capable of fast growth in perfect weather conditions. Industrial hemp is produced for production of numerous products including but not limited to, paper products, textiles, nutraceuticals, construction materials, fiberglass, biofuel, insulation materials, and bio plastics. Industrial hemp can be produced organically, without using toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Each and every part of this plant can be used for production of various products. Flowers, seeds, oils, stalks – each have their unique application. Hemp flour and hemp seed oils are byproducts of hemp plant parts. Industrial hemp is extremely valuable renewable resource as the crop provides a high yield of fibers and edible proteins.

Growing customer preferences for natural and green products are driving the demand in industrial hemp market. Industrial hemp can replace many conventional raw materials in production of various products such as tree paper. It is also used as a raw material for production of cosmetics, alternative medicine, food products, beverages, and clothing. Industrial hemp can prove to be an environmentally sustainable and efficient raw material in production of various products that are environmentally cost-intensive, such as plastic, fuel, and textile.

Often confused with marijuana plant, industrial hemp is deemed illegal for cultivation in many countries around the world. However, increasing awareness about benefits of industrial hemp is resulting in rising demand for the plant. Increasing demand for environmental-friendly buildings to counter the negative effects of rising global pollution is anticipated to drive the demand for industrial hemp-based construction materials. Oil produced from industrial hemp seeds is used in personal care, food and beverages, and animal feed industries. The nutritional qualities of hemp seed oil make them ideal for utilization in a number of pharmaceutical, nutritional supplements, medicinal, and therapeutic products. Rising demand for hemp seeds is anticipated to foster the growth in industrial hemp market in the coming years. 

Global Industrial Hemp Market Research Report 2021

Mar 2021 | Chemicals | 118 Pages | $ 2900

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