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Indonesian Sugar Industry: Supply Deficit and Market Opportunities

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Aug 2012

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Sugar & Supplements

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Indonesia is one of the topmost sugar consuming nations of the world. Sugar imports from various parts of the world meet more than 50 per cent of demand for sugar in Indonesia. Sugar supply deficit of the nation has been widening since years as indigenous sugar production is unable to keep pace with growing sugar consumption because of the structural defects in the industry. The report highlights various factors leading to this deficit and analyzes sugar consumption, production and supply deficit for the period 2008-13E.

The report also discusses demand and supply scenario of sugar globally. Demand for sugar has been growing in the developing countries, whereas in developed nations it shows little or no growth as these markets are already matured. It also highlights change in consumption pattern of sugar in the past decade and forecasts the consumption pattern till 2020.

The major growth drivers for Indonesian sugar market are favorable government policies and high consumption of sugar. Since sugar is a regulated commodity in Indonesia, the government regularly intervenes to set floor price of sugar and also decides import quota for various sugar refiners.

The report titled Indonesian Sugar Industry: Supply Deficit and Market Opportunities provides an overall analysis of Indonesian sugar market and highlights underlying opportunities and threats. The report also analyzes the value of the sugar industry of India and evaluates the earnings in the value chain (upstream, midstream and downstream). The report also presents the competitive structure of the industry and profiles major players in the market with a discussion of their key business strategies.
Table of Content

1. Global Sugar Market

1.1 Global Sugar Market: An overview
1.2 Global Sugar Market Size
1.3 Global Sugar Production (2008-13E)

1.3.1 Region-wise Sugar Production: 2008 vs. 2012

1.4 Global Sugar Consumption
1.5 Global Sugar Trade

Case Study: Brazil Sugar Industry
1.5.1 Brazilian Production and Exports
1.5.2 Ethanol Driving Brazils Sugar Industrys Expansion
1.5.3 Critical Factors for Future Growth in the Sugar/Ethanol Sector

1.6 Global Sugar Price

1.6.1 Market Trends and Prospects
1.6.2 Global sugar stocks-to-use
1.6.3 Main issues and uncertainties

2. Sugar Industry in Indonesia

2.1 Total Sugar Production in Indonesia (2008-2013E)
2.2 Total Sugar Consumption in Indonesia (2008-2013E)
2.3 Gap between Sugar Production and Consumption in Indonesia
2.4 Supply Deficit Production vs. Consumption
2.5 Consumption vs. Import of sugar

3. Indonesia - Sugar Pricing

3.1 Half Yearly Domestic Sugar Price vs. Floor Price
3.2 Half Yearly Domestic Sugar Price vs. International Sugar Price (Jan 2008- Feb 2012)

4. Indonesian Sugar Value Chain

4.1 Sugar Industry Network
4.2 Profitability in Sugar Value Chain

5. Derived Products from Sugar

5.1 Refined Sugar
5.2 Liquid Sugar
5.3 Invert Sugar

6. Refined sugar Indonesia

6.1 Refined Sugar Production, Consumption and Import in Indonesia
6.2 Refined Sugar Import in Jakarta
6.3 Sugar Suppliers to Indonesia

7. Indonesian Sugar Market: Growth Drivers

7.1 High Sugar Consumption
7.2 Government Policy

8. Indonesian Sugar Market: Current Trends

8.1 Sugar Import for 2012
8.2 Investment in Indonesian Sugar Sector

9. Indonesian Sugar Market: Opportunities & Challenges

9.1 Opportunities
9.2 Challenges

10. Indonesian Sugar Market: Major Players

10.1 Sugar Refiners
10.2 Leading Companies

10.2.1 PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia
Business Overview
Financial Overview
Plans for 2012
Business Strategies
Distribution Strategy
Development Strategy

10.2.2 Case Study: Wilmar International Limited
Business Overview
Wilmars current status
Wilmars Vertically Integrated Business Model
Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Future Plans
Sales Analysis

11. Indonesian Sugar Market: Demand Forecast

List of Chart

World Sugar Production (2008-13E)
Region-wise sugar production (2008-09)
Region-wise sugar production (2011-12)
Global sugar production vs. consumption (2009-13E)
Comparison of export volumes of leading countries for the Period 2008-10 and 2020E 
World Sugar Balance (Production less Consumption) moves into surplus (2008 to 2012/13E)
Global sugar stocks-to-use from 2006 to 2020E 
Sugar production in Indonesia (2008-13E)
Percentage growth in consumption of sugar (2008-13E)
Gap between sugar production and consumption (2008-13E)
Farm ownership in Indonesias sugar plantations 
Supply deficit of Sugar in Indonesia in the period (2008-13E)
Consumption vs. import of sugar in the period (2008-13E)
Domestic Sugar vs. Floor Price (Jan 2008- Feb 2012)
Domestic sugar price vs. International Price (Jan 2008- Jan 2012)
Sugar Industry Network
Margin by stage of value chain in US$/mT
Earnings breakdown by stage of value chain
Countries from which refined sugar is imported by Indonesia
Countries from which raw sugar is imported by Indonesia
Sugar production and import for Indonesia
Expected Revenue Growth of RNI in 2012 
Expected Growth in Net Profit of RNI in 2012
Expenditure allocation of PT RNI in 2011
Vertically Integrated Business Model of Wilmar
Revenue and Growth of Wilmar
Profit before Tax by Business Segment for FY2011 of Wilmar
Indonesias Sugar Demand Forecast (2010 2020E)

List of Tables

Sugar Production, Consumption, Exports, and Carry-over Stocks in Exporting Countries in (2008-10) and 2020E
Import as percentage of sugar consumption in Indonesia (2008-13E)
Ratio of domestic sugar price and floor price (Jan08 to Feb12)
Ratio of domestic sugar price and International sugar price (Jan08 to Feb12)
Production, Consumption and Import in Indonesia
Monthly Import Volume of Sugar in Jakarta Province
Market Players in Indonesia
Acquisitions, JVs & Future Plans

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