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In vitro diagnostics are used for gaining valuable insights into the pathological and/or physiological state of one’s body. In vitro diagnostics help physicians take accurate and well-informed diagnostic and treatment decisions. This market can be broadly segmented into two types—one is the in vitro diagnostics market by geography and the other is by product type. This market is particularly gaining ground in China and India, with market players closely watching the developments in these regions.


The in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) market is primarily segmented based on products. These include clinical chemistry, diabetes testing, immunoassay, molecular diagnostics, blood testing, and others. Market analysts estimate that the global market for IVDs was USD 52 billion in 2013, and it demonstrates an annual growth rate of 5%.


Molecular diagnostics is widely regarded as a sector with robust growth, and market experts project this market to reach a value of USD 15 million by the end of 2014. 


IVDs for infectious diseases are another popular sub category, as are IVDs for oncology testing. The emerging areas of genetic screening and blood testing are among the other significant contributors to this segment. 


A number of global pharmaceutical giants have registered a strong presence in the in vitro diagnostics market, with a handful of players exercising dominance over products that are marketed globally. That having been said, the market does have scope for niche products that are high on the specialization quotient. 


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