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The global ice cream market is slated to expand at a moderate rate. Factors linked with the growth of the market are emergence of private label brands, growing popularity of ice creams, and a demand for sweet dishes. 

A key trend observed in the market is the growth of organic ice creams, driven by the demand for more nutritional content by increasing organic ingredients. Another trend in the market is the development of ice creams which is lactose-free for consumers who are lactose intolerant. Such people have to deal with diarrhea, bloating, and gas when they consume products with lactose content in it. 

Europe led the ice cream market on account of the launch of several new flavors and high demand from consumers aged 50 and above. The growing demand for premium ice creams is also boosting the growth of the European ice cream market. Key companies in the market are General Mills, Blue Bell Creameries, Mars, Lotte Confectionery, Nestle, and Unilever.