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Huaweis TD-LTE Development and Its Relations with Softbank, STC and Mobily

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Aug 2013

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As global mobile data traffic grows explosively, major telecom operators around the world are facing the issue of spectrum shortage. To effectively utilize the limited spectrum, those operators have been seeking new technologies to effectively address the concern of eruptive mobile data traffic. China\'s LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology has been gaining support from telecom operators as it delivers the proprietary data transmission service. 


Under the support of China\'s government, Huawei has been devoted itself into TD-LTE (Time Division-LTE), joining hands with global operators. This report examines the TD-LTE development of Huawei and elaborates its partnerships with operators including Softbank, STC, and Mobily.

Table of Contents


1. Factors Bolster Huawei\'s TD-LTE Investment


2. R&D Investment for TD-LTE


3. Cooperation with Telecom Operators

3.1 Softbank

3.2 STC

3.3 Mobily


4. Conclusion

4.1 Importance of TDD Spectrum to Grow Further

4.2 TD-LTE Underscores Convergence among Multiple Technologies

4.3 Seamless Network Conversion from WiMAX to TD-LTE Gain Spotlight



List of Chart


Figure 1 Huawei\'s TD-LTE R&D Centers Located Worldwide

Figure 2 The Number of LTE Core Standards Obtained by Individual Vendor

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