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The hotels and restaurants industry is one where the impact of any global turbulence is immediately felt. Various factors such as unsteady food prices, housing sector problems, volatile fuel and energy prices have a bearing on the restaurant and food services industry. Thus, differentiating their brand from competitors becomes key to the survival of those operating within this industry and integral to attracting more and more customers.


Despite these hurdles, market analysts project that the restaurant and food service industry will touch an estimated worth of USD 992 billion by the end of 2014. Nearly half of this industry is constituted of restaurants and cafés. The Asia Pacific region accounts for nearly 43% of the global hotel and restaurant industry.


Today, restaurants and food service establishments are feeling the pressure to offer a more diversified offering of products. This also means that they need to be aware of the next new trend on the market-something that’s only possible with reliable data and trend analysis. Additionally, there is a mounting pressure on restaurants to cater to the needs and demands of the health conscious consumers that are moving away from the conventional fare served at restaurants. The takeaway culture is catching on and so is ethnic food. Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, and Thai cuisines are becoming the flavor of the season-quite literally!


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