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Home Furnishing Market in India 2011

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Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Published Date : Jul 2011

Category :

Interior Products

No. of Pages : 40 Pages

The home furnishing market in India is driven by growth in the real estate and hospitality sector. Rise in disposable income and willingness to spend on contemporary design and high quality furnishings have increased overall demand for home furnishing products. The home furnishing market is poised to grow gradually.

The report begins with an overview of the textile industry in India including market size and growth. This is followed by an overview of the home furnishing market in India, its size and growth. The major products have been highlighted and are followed by the key manufacturing centers in India. The value chain is also provided which is followed by a section on import and export for the home furnishing products.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the market including growth in real estate sector, growth in hospitality sector, growth in organized retail and growth in disposable income. The key challenges of the market include raw material unavailability and cost, active unorganized market and market potential being restricted to cities. Government regulations are provided followed by a section on the latest trends that govern the market.

The competition section provides a summary of the nature of businesses of the major players. This is followed by brief profiles of these players including their corporate information and business highlights.
Table of Content

Page 1: Executive summary

Market Overview
Page 2: Textile Industry Overview, Size & Growth (volume) (2008-2012e), Global Positions and Acclaims (2010)
Page 3: Home Furnishing Market Overview, Size & Growth (volume) (2008-2012e), Segmentation (2010)
Page 4: Major Products
Page 5: Centers for Home Furnishing
Page 6: Value Chain

Page 7: Exports Overview, Total Exports (volume) (2006-07 2010-11), Share of Segments (by type) (2009-10), and Segmentation (by region) (2009-10)
Page 8: Export under HS Codes (value) (2006-07 2010-11)
Page 9: Imports Overview, Total Imports (volume) (2006-07 2010-11), Share of Segments (type) (by 2009-10), and Segmentation (by region) (2009-10)
Page 10: Import under HS Codes (value) (2006-07 2010-11)

Drivers & Challenges
Page 11: Summary
Page 12-15: Drivers
Page 16-18: Challenges
Role of Government
Page 19-20: Regulations & Duties

Page 21: Summary
Page 22-23: Key Trends

Page 24: Summary
Page 25-39: Players

Key Developments
Page 40: Developments

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