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High Cost of Cancer Drugs - Pharma Perspective

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Published Date : Aug 2015

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Report Highlights:

  • What is the opinion of top 10 oncology companies on high pricesWhich are the most recurring words in media?
  • What are the trends in oncology drug pricing?
  • How do pharmaceutical companies justify the high prices of oncology drugs?
  • What are the major challenges to overcoming the high prices of oncology drugs, and the strategies to do so?
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Access Strategists
  • HEOR Strategists
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Specialist
  • Commercial/Customer Insights
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market/Marketing Research
  • Decision Analysis/Decision Support
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  • New Product Planning/Development
  • Forecasting
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Professional from the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics industries with responsibilities or involvement in the following areas:
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  • Outsourcing
  • Manufacturing

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction
An Overview of Cancer Drug Prices
Case Study 1: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Drugs Price Variation with Respect to Geography
Case Study 2: Opdivo Pricing in Japan
Case Study 3: Blincyto Pricing
Various Stakeholder’s Opinion on the Reasons Behind the High Cost of Cancer Drugs

3. Analysis of Pharma Statements in the Media
Key Topics of Discussion by Pharma Spokespersons (2013 onwards): Theme-wise Company Distribution
Key Topics of Discussion by Pharma Spokespersons (2013 onwards): Company-wise Theme Distribution
Word Cloud
Some Key Pharma Statements

4. Pharma Perspectives on High
Prices of Cancer Drugs
Challenges Faced by Pharmaceutical Companies
Strategies Adopted by Pharmaceutical Companies to Overcome Pricing Barriers for Cancer Drugs
Case Study 1: Dose Capping for AVASTIN in Germany and Italy
Case Study 2: NICE and Risk Sharing Agreements
Case Study 3: Innovative Patient Assistance Program(PAP) Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP)
Case Study 4: Innovative Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Zydelig Access Connect Program (ZACP)
Case Study 5: Roche and Chinese Insurance Companies Collaboration
Case Study 6: Differential Pricing Generics

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