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Healthcare Industry Business Confidence Report 2019

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Published Date : Mar 2019

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Healthcare Industry Business Confidence Report 2019


GlobalDatas "Healthcare Industry Business Confidence Report 2019", examines executives opinion about the business environment during 2019. It also highlights current economic conditions, supplier price variations, sales performance, industry and company growth prospects, spending models, and key priorities. Additionally, the report provides information categorized by region, and company size and type.

The majority of respondents see the current global economic situation as stable or favorable. North American and Asia-Pacific economies were viewed as most favorable but respondents from these regions had less favorable views of the global economy. Factors such as reduced mortality, aging population, advances in biomedical engineering and instruments, and increased investment in technology-based smart healthcare system will continue to increase the demand and expenditure towards healthcare in these regions. Globally, 68% of healthcare industry respondents have positive expectations for their companys growth over the next 12 months, while 63% feel the same about the industrys growth. Furthermore, Supplier prices of medical equipment are expected to see the highest surge at 4.8% over the next 12 months. Additionally, Brexit, political changes, and emerging new competition are the most pressing concerns for the healthcare industry.

What else does this report offer?

- The current state of the economy with regards to its impact on healthcare industry: examines predominating economic conditions globally and across specific regions
- Company and industry growth outlook: provides executives opinions on the growth prospects of their company and the industry over the next 12 months
- Change in level of customer confidence: analyzes respondents sentiments surrounding the shift in customer confidence during 2019 within healthcare industry
- Supplier prices outlook: determines the expected variation in supplier prices across different categories and their impact on business confidence
- Change in staff headcount and sales performance: anticipates and tracks the shift in staff headcount and sales during 2019 among industry executives globally as well as regionally
- Investment Projection & activities: highlights different areas in which industry executives intend to spend and invest over the next six months
- Business concerns: provides information about potential business concerns indicated by survey respondents for H1 2018
- Key priorities: identifies the top priorities of industry executives operating in various regions.


- Almost three-quarters of respondents view the current global economic state as stable or favorable with regards to its impact on the healthcare industry. The more positive outlook was seen among respondents from organizations with annual revenue more than $1B
- Across all the geographies, the average sales performance (5.3%) and staff headcount (2.9%) is expected to increase within the healthcare sector over the next 12 months
- Respondents from larger companies (annual revenue more than $1B) expect more growth opportunities for the industry (78%) than for their own companies (67%) over the next 12 months; the reverse is true for smaller companies
- Overall, 48% of respondents are positive or very positive about the change in customer confidence among export customers over the next 12 months
- On average, healthcare industry executives expect supplier prices for raw materials to increase by 4.2% over the next 12 months.

Reasons to buy

- Assists companies to make effective business strategy decisions by knowing the prevailing market conditions and sentiment within the healthcare industry
- Supports organizations in business expansion decisions by providing information concerning the projected variation in sales performance and supplier prices
- Helps to improve operational efficiency and to protect and grow market share by comprehending the essential priorities and major concerns within the healthcare industry
- Serves to adjust investment allocation by outlining key focus areas highlighted by survey respondents during 2019.
Table of Contents
1. Study Design
2. Executive Summary
3. Existing Economic State
4. Growth Prospects
5. Supplier Prices Outlook
6. Projected Sales and Spending
7. Business Concerns
8. Organizational Priorities
9. Summary of Key Findings
10. Appendix

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