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Globally, a lot of importance is attached to healthy and attractive hair. This has spurred an entire industry associated with hair care products. The Hair Care Market consists of numerous products that are used for hair growth, hair coloring, hair conditioning, hair and scalp hygiene, hair sculpting, and so on. Globally, there are thousands of brands that form the Hair Care Market. While some of these brands offer select products, others offer a wide array of hair care products under a single brand umbrella.


Shampoo is among the key products in the hair care market. This basic hair cleansing agent is used in a myriad of different variants. The shampoo market comprises products meant for different hair types such as dry, oily, normal, long, and dandruff-prone hair. While shampoo and conditioner are used in combination in most developed countries, the demand for conditioners is rising in emerging economies. Conditioners are typically available in the leave-in and wash-off variants. 


Besides hair cleansing products, the market also features an array of hair care products such as scalp moisturizers, hot oil treatments, hair oil, hair dyes (temporary and permanent varieties), hair straightening products, hair sculpting products such as gels and mousse. 


Hair growth products also enjoy a significant market share that continues to see growth owing to stress- and age-induced hair fall among people worldwide. From luxury brands to local manufacturers, the Hair Care Market features an extensive variety of products meant for men and women. The kids’ hair care market is relatively small with a few products such as hair shampoos and hair oil formulated especially for this age group.


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