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Global Video Surveillance Market Report: 2016 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Feb 2016

Category :

Video Surveillance

No. of Pages : 58 Pages

Video Surveillance equipments are deployed in all sectors and industries today but are particularly used in the security industry and considered to be the most reliable, efficient and cheap of all forms of security systems. Any footage can be captured, transmitted, stored and analyzed which makes it an effective tool for security purpose. China has emerged as the largest market of video surveillance systems with the US at second position and Middle East growing at a great pace.

The global video surveillance market is all set to witness an excellent growth rate in coming years fuelled by the increase in security measures and programs taken up many governments across the world to ensure safety and security of the people. The video surveillance market is growing as a result of innovation and dedicated research & development which have led to an increase in the shift from analog to internet protocol (IP) cameras.

The key factors driving the growth of the video surveillance market are rapid growth in urbanization, rising global population, increasing crime and theft rate, development of smart cities. Some of the noteworthy trends and developments of this industry are technological advancements like 4k and H.265, entry of the IT companies and growth of transportation sector. However, the expansion of global video surveillance market is hindered by poor trading environment and instability across many parts of the world.

The report

Table of Content

1. Market Overview
1.1 Video Surveillance: An Introduction    
1.2 Video Surveillance Systems
1.2.2 Video Surveillance Applications

2. Video Surveillance Market Analysis
2.1 Global Market

  • Market Value
  • Segmentation by Technology
  • Segmentation by Products
  • Front End Products Value 
  • Back End Products Value
  • Sales Channels
  • Regional Breakdown
  • Share by End Markets

2.2 Regional Analysis
2.2.1 China

  • Market Volume

2.2.2 Eastern Europe & Russia

  • Market Value & Volume

2.2.3 Asia    

  • Market Overview

3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Increasing International Terrorism    
3.1.2 Rising Global Crime and Data Theft Issues    
3.1.3 Growing Urban Population    
3.1.4 Accelerating Economic Growth    
3.1.5 Development of Smart Cities    
3.1.6 Internet of Things Opportunity    
3.1.7 Growth in Internet Users Worldwide    
3.1.8 Growing Market in Emerging Economies
3.2 Trends and Development
3.2.1 Technological Advancement    
3.2.2 Focus of IT Companies on Video Surveillance    
3.2.3 Rising Demand for Video Analytics    
3.2.4 Growing Demand in EMEA Region    
3.2.5 Increase in Global Wireless Connections    
3.2.6 Increase in Global IP Traffic Growth    
3.2.7 Growth of Transportation Video Security    
3.2.8 Crowd Sourcing Video Surveillance and Social Media Analytics    
3.2.9 Growth of Consumer and Commercial Drones Market
3.3 Challenges
3.3.1 Regulatory Issues    
3.3.2 Challenges in Various Geographic Regions    
3.3.3 Poor Trading Environment

4. Competitive Landscape    

  • Competitive Overview
  • Market Share

5. Company Profiles
5.1 Axis Communications
5.1.1 Business Overview    
5.1.2 Financial Overview    
5.1.3 Business Strategies
5.2 Flir Systems
5.2.1 Business Overview    
5.2.2 Financial Overview    
5.2.3 Business Strategies
5.3 Tamron
5.3.1 Business Overview    
5.3.2 Financial Overview    
5.3.3 Business Strategies
5.4 Hikvision Company
5.4.1 Business Overview    
5.4.2 Financial Overview    
5.4.3 Business Strategies

6. Market Outlook
6.1 Market Forecast    
6.2 Forecast Methodology
6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables    
6.2.2 Correlation Analysis    
6.2.3 Regression Analysis 

List of Table

Comparison of Analog Cameras vs. IP Cameras
Comparison of DVR vs. NVR
Financial Comparison of Key Players (2014)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2011-2015)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output 

List of Chart

Key Functions of Video Surveillance System
Types of Video Surveillance System
Supply Chain in the Security Industry
Global Video Surveillance Market by Value (2011-2015)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Segment (2014/15E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Technology (2014/15E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Products (2014/15E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Front End Products (2014-2018E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Front End Products Growth (2014-2018E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Back End Product (2014-2018E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Back End Products Growth (2014-2018E)
Global Video Surveillance Market Share by Sales Channels (2014/2018E)
Global Video Surveillance Market by Region (2015)
Global Video Surveillance Market Share by Industry (2014)
Purpose of Use of Video Surveillance by Organizations (2014)
Percentage of Video Surveillance Sales of the Total Security Value (2014-2015)
IP Storage and Enterprise Used For Video Surveillance by Product Type (2014-2019E)
Growth of Surveillance Cameras in China (2014-2018E)
Video Surveillance Equipment Market for Eastern Europe and Russia (2012-2016E)
Global Video Surveillance Market Share of Asia-Pacific, Americas & EMEA (2020E)
Global Deaths from Terrorism (2010-2014)
Global Crime Index by Countries (2015E)
Global Urban Population (2007-2014)
Urban Population Growth by Countries (2013-2023E)
Global GDP Growth (2006-2014)
GDP on PPP Basis Per Capita of Advanced and Emerging Economies (2012-2019E)
Increasing Smart Cities Globally (2013-2025E)
Market Share Estimation of DVR and NVR (2014-2019E)
(Internet of Things) IOT Shipment Forecast (2014-2018E)
Growth in Internet Users (2007-2015)
Growth Rate of Video Surveillance Market by Region (2014-2018E)
Different Types of Video Analytics Used in Business (2014)
Fastest Growing EMEA Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market (2014-2020E)
Global IP Traffic Growth (2014-2019E)
Global Commercial Drone Revenue Forecast (2015E–2020E)
Global Consumer Drone Revenue Forecast (2015E–2020E)
Global Video Surveillance Market Share by Company (2014)
China's Video surveillance Market Share by Company (2015)
Axis Communications Revenue by Region (2014)
Axis Communications Revenue and Net Profit (2010-2014)
Flir Revenue by Business Segment (2014)
Flir System’s Revenue and Net Income (2010–2014)
Tamron Net Sales by Region (2014)
Tamron Net Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
Hikvision’s Revenue and Net Profit (2010-2014)
Global Video Surveillance Market Forecast (2014-2019E)

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