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Global Sugar Substitute Market: An Analysis

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Nov 2013

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Sugar & Supplements

No. of Pages : 100 Pages

The sugar substitute market mainly consists of high fructose syrup (HFCS), high intensity sweetener (HIS) and low intensity sweetener (LIS). The HIS segment (non-calorific) is the fastest growing segment among all other sugar substitutes. As rising level of obesity and diabetes continue to dominate, emphasis on reducing caloric intake as well as consuming healthier food and beverages is increasing which in turn driving the sales of sugar substitutes. North America dominates the sugar substitute market driven by downstream industries like food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Within the High Intensity Sweetener market, sucralose holds the largest consuming share followed by aspartame, saccharine, cyclamate, natural HIS (stevia), Ace-K and Neotame. Stevia (natural HIS) is gaining quick acceptance all across the globe because of the various health benefits associated with it. Global HFCS production and consumption both increased in 2012 mainly due to increased demand from beverage, foods-processing, diary and confectionery industries. Countries like Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, Colombia and Vietnam where HFCS penetration is still low offer huge opportunity to expand. Among the LIS, sorbitol is the most used polyols among all others. Major manufacturers of sugar substitutes include Tate and Lyle, PureCircle Ltd, DuPont, S&W Seed Company etc.

The report titled “Global Sugar Substitute Market: An Analysis” is a comprehensive study on the global sugar substitute market with a special focus on regional markets like North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The report provides a detailed analysis of sub-segments of the sugar substitute market like high fructose syrup (HFCS), high intensity sweetener (HIS) and low intensity sweetener (LIS). For each segment of the sugar substitute market (HFCS, HIS, LIS), the report analyzes the sizing and growth, segmentation and geographic breakdown. The report discusses key growth drivers, opportunities and challenges faced by the sugar substitute industry and also analyzes the major players operating in the sugar substitute industry.
Table of Content

1. Global Sugar and Sweetener Market    
1.1 Sweetener Market: An Overview    
1.2 Types of Sweeteners    
1.3 Comparison of Sweeteners    
1.4 Global Sugar and Sweetener Market Size

2. Sugar Substitute Market
2.1 Global Sugar Substitute Market    
2.1.1 Market Size    
2.1.2 Geographic Split    
2.2 North American Sugar Substitute Market
2.3 European Sugar Substitute Market    
2.4 Asia-Pacific Sugar Substitute Market    
2.4.1 Indian Sugar Substitute Market    

3. High Intensity Sweetener Market    
3.1 Market Size by Volume    
3.2 Market Size by Value    
3.3 Consumption by Category
3.4 Geographic Segmentation
3.5 Segmentation by End Use
3.6 The US HIS Market    
3.7 HIS Market – Sub Types    

4. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) Market    
4.1 Global Production and Consumption Volume
4.2 Production and Consumption Volume by Country
4.3 The US HFCS Market    
4.4 Asian HFCS Market    

5. Low Intensity Sweeteners (LIS) Market
5.1 Type of LIS    
5.2 Market Size by Value    
5.3 Market Forecast    
5.4 China LIS Market    
5.5 Sorbitol Market – LIS Sub Type
5.6 Global Xylitol Market – LIS Sub-Type    

6. Global Sugar Substitute Market Dynamics
6.1 Pricing Analysis of Sugar Substitutes    
6.2 Growth Drivers    
6.3 Challenges    
6.4 Market Trends    
6.5 Opportunities in Sweetener Market    

7. Company Analysis
7.1. S&W SEED    
7.2 Tate & Lyle
7.3 PureCircle Ltd.    
7.4 E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont) 

8. Company Analysis - Consumers/Buyers of Artificial Sweeteners

List of Table

Comparison of Sugar and Sweeteners Properties
Main Sugar Free Brands in India
Present Prices of Artificial Sweetener Brands in India (2012) 
Companies that use Zero-Calorie Sweeteners in India (2012) 
Comparison of Major Stevia Glycosides
Recent Regulatory Updates in Various Countries
Top Export Destinations of Saccharin from China (As of Nov 2012) 
Aspartame Production Capacity of Various Companies in China (2011) 
Japan HFCS Market Trends (2006-2012) 
China HFCS Market (2006-2012) 
Korea HFCS Market (2006-2012) 
Relative Sweetness of Various Low Calorie Sweeteners
China- Output of LIS by Types (2008-2012) 
Demand of Xylitol by Geography (2010) 
Manufacturers of Xylitol
Top Export Destinations of Xylitol (November 2012) 
Export Volume and Value of Xylitol in China (Oct 2012 vs Nov 2012) 
Comparison of Average Cost of Various Sugar Substitutes (2012) 
Ex-Factory Prices of Chinese Sweeteners (As on December 2012) 
Price of Sugar and Other competing Sweeteners (2012) 
Caloric Comparison in Various Foods

List of Chart

Classification of Sweeteners Based on Potency
Global Consumption of Sugar and Sweeteners by Volume (2000-2011) 
Forecast - Global Consumption of Sugar and Sweeteners by Volume (2011A-2015F) 
Global Sugar and Sweetener Market Volume Share by Category (2011) 
Global Number of Products by Sweetener Type (2011) 
Constituents of Sugar Substitute Market (2012) 
Global Sugar Substitute Market by Value (2009-2012) 
Global Sugar Substitute Market Share by Region (2012) 
North America Sugar Substitute Market Value (2009-2012) 
Forecast- North America Sugar Substitute Market Value (2012-2016F) 
European Sugar Substitute Market Value (2009-2012) 
Forecast-European Sugar Substitute Market Value (2012-2016F) 
Asia-Pacific Sugar Substitute Market Value (2009-2012) 
Forecast- Asia Pacific Sugar Substitute Market Value (2012-2016F) 
Diagnosed Diabetic Population in India (FY07-FY15) 
India- Consumers for Artificial Sweeteners (FY07-FY15) 
India Sugar Substitute Market Size by Value (FY07-FY12) 
Forecast - India Sugar Substitute Market Size by Value (FY12-FY15) 
Sugar Free Pellet Sales and Their Market Shares (FY07-FY12) 
Global HIS Market Size by Volume (2000-2011) 
Forecast - Global HIS Market Size by Volume (2011-2016F) 
Global HIS Market Size by Value (2009-2012) 
Forecast - Global HIS Market Size by Value (2012-2016F) 
Global Share of Consumption* of HIS by Sub-Category (2011) 
Global Consumption Volume of HIS by Sub-Category (2009-2011) 
High Intensity Sweetener Market – Share by Region (FY11) 
Global Segmentation of HIS by End Use Applications (2011) 
Share of HIS Consumption in Various End Markets (2012) 
Worldwide Sales Volume of Stevia Extracts (2010-2012) 
Forecast – Worldwide Sales Volume of Stevia Extracts (2013F-2023F) 
Global Market Value for Stevia Sweeteners (2010-2014F) 
Market Share of Stevia Extracts by Region (2011) 
Stevia Demand by End Use (2011 versus 2016F) 
Global Food & Beverage Stevia Product Launches (2009-2012) 
New Product Launch Containing Stevia by Regions (2011 vs 2012) 
Market Value of Stevia Extracts in Asian Region (2010-2014F) 
China Stevia Sweetener Production Capacity (2007-2011) 
China Stevia Sweetener Total Production and Consumption (2007-2011) 
New products Launch with Stevia in Japan (2008-2011) 
Global Saccharine Consumption Volume (2007-2011) 
China Saccharine Market (2011) 
Global Aspartame Consumption Volume (2007-2011) 
Global Consumption of Cyclamate by Volume (2007-2011) 
Global Consumption of Sucralose by Volume (2009-2011) 
Global Consumption of Acesulfame- K by Volume (2009-2011) 
Global Consumption of Neotame by Volume (2009-2011) 
Global Production and Consumption of HFCS by Volume (2006-2012) 
Forecast - Global Production and Consumption of HFCS by Volume (2013F-2020F) 
Production and Consumption Volume of HFCS by Country (2012) 
Share of HFCS in Consolidated Consumption of Sugar and HFCS by Region (2012) 
HFCS Production and Consumption by Volume in the US (2006-2012) 
Production of HFCS in Asia (2005-06 to 2010-11) 
Taiwan HFCS Production Volume (2005-06 to 2010-11) 
Global LIS Market Value (2009-2012) 
Forecast – Global LIS Market Value (2012A-2017F) 
China- Total Output of LIS by Volume (2008-2012) 
China – Forecast of Total Output of LIS by Volume (2013F-2017F) 
China – Output of LIS by Types (2012) 
China- Consumption of LIS by Application (2012) 
Global Demand of Sorbitol by Volume (2012-2017F) 
Global Sorbitol Consumption Share by Region (2010) 
Global Xylitol Market Value (2010-2012E) 
Forecast of Global Xylitol Market Value (2012-2016F) 
Global Xylitol Market by Application (2010) 
The US Xylitol Market Value (2002-2012) 
Output of Xylitol in China (2008-2012) 
North America-Sweetener Prices vs Sugar (2011) 
Global Diabetes Population (2006-2012) 
Recent Status and Outlook for Global Diabetic Patients (20-79 Yrs), 2011 and 2030
Growth in Worldwide Obese Population (2004-2012E) 
Regional Caloric Consumption of Sweetener by Category (2011) 
Consumption of Carbonated Drinks in the US (2008-2012E) 
Global Ageing Population, +60 years (2005-2013F) 
Awareness for Stevia Growing in Major Markets
Number of Countries Introducing F&B Stevia Products (2008-2012E) 

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