Global Sportswear Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)

Global Sportswear Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)

  • Koncept Analytics
  • February 2017
  • Apparel
  • 84 pages

Report Description


The combination of fashion and sportswear is the present-day trend of the sportswear market. Sportswear is worn during any physical exercise, so as to provide the wearer comfort. Sportswear includes T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, tracksuits, tennis shirts, polo shirts, shoes and others, which are worn while playing sports and doing other physical activities. The sportswear market includes various enterprises that are engaged in the manufacturing and retailing sports apparel and shoes.

Sportswear market is classified into sports apparel and sports footwear. North America is the largest sportswear market globally. It has the most advanced fitness market, along with other favorable dynamics. The global sportswear market holds huge potential with rapid innovations and increasing health consciousness among people. The growth factors of the market include rise in per capita spending on sportswear, popularity of outdoor recreation, increase in number of yoga participants, surge in fitness club members, and rise of e-commerce which has increased the online penetration of sportswear products worldwide.
The global sportswear market is trending with innovation, increasing health awareness, popularity of athlesiure, combination of smart clothing and growth of functional clothing. However, the market growth will be hindered by counterfeit product availability, increase in labor cost and low negotiation power of purchasers.
The report offers an in-depth analysis of the global sportswear market. It also covers the regional aspect of the market. The report profiles Nike, Inc., Adidas Group, VF Corporation and PUMA.

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Table of Content

1. Market Overview
1.1 Sportswear 
1.1.1 Footwear 
1.1.2 Apparel 
1.1.3 Importance
2. Global Market Analysis

2.1 Global Sportswear Market by Value 
2.2 Global Sportswear Market Forecast by Value 
2.3 Global Sportswear Market by Segments 
2.3.1 Global Sports Apparel Market by Value 
2.3.2 Global Sports Apparel Market Forecast by Value 
2.3.3 Global Sports Footwear Market by Value 
2.3.4 Global Sports Footwear Market Forecast by Value 
2.4 Global Sportswear Market by Regions
3. Regional Market Analysis
3.1 North America 
3.1.1 North America’s Sportswear Market by Value 
3.1.2 North America’s Sportswear Market Forecast by Value 
3.1.3 North America’s Sportswear Market by Country 
3.1.4 The US Sportswear Market Forecast by Value
3.2 Europe 
3.2.1 Europe’s Sportswear Market by Value 
3.2.2 Europe’s Sportswear Market Forecast by Value 
3.2.3 Europe’s Sportswear Market by Countries 
3.2.4 Western Europe’s Sportswear Market Forecast by Value 
3.2.5 Eastern Europe’s Sportswear Market Forecast by Value
3.3 APAC
3.3.1 APAC Sportswear Market by Value 
3.3.2 APAC Sportswear Market Forecast by Value 
3.3.3 APAC Sportswear Market by Countries 
3.3.4 China’s Sportswear Market Forecast by Value 
3.3.5 Australasia's Sportswear Market Forecast by Value
4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Rise in Sportswear Spending Per Capita 
4.1.2 Popularity of Outdoor Recreation
4.1.3 Increase in Number of Yoga Participants 
4.1.4 Rise in Global Overweight Population 
4.1.5 Increase in Fitness Club Members 
4.1.6 Penetration of Gym Club Membership 
4.1.7 Rise of E-commerce 
4.1.8 Rising Urban Population 
4.1.9 Rise in Middle Class Population and Living Standards 
4.1.10 Escalating Youth Population 
4.1.11 Rising Global GDP Per Capita
4.2 Trends and Developments 
4.2.1 Health Awareness 
4.2.2 Product Innovation Using Innovative Technology 
4.2.3 Popularity of Athlesiure 
4.2.4 Combination of Smart Clothing and Sportswear 
4.2.5 Growth of Functional Clothing
4.3 Challenges and Issues 
4.3.1 Counterfeit Product Availability at Large 
4.3.2 Low Negotiating Power of Purchasers 
4.3.3 Increase in Labor Cost
5. Competitive Landscape
5.1 Global Sportswear Market 
5.1.1 Market Share
5.1.2 Revenue Comparison 
5.1.3 Market Cap Comparison 
5.2 Global Sports Apparel Market
5.2.1 Market Share
5.3 Global Sports Footwear Market 
5.3.1 Market Share
6. Company Profiles
6.1 NIKE, Inc.
6.1.1 Business Overview 
6.1.2 Financial Overview 
6.1.3 Business Stratégies
6.2 Adidas Group 
6.2.1 Business Overview 
6.2.2 Financial Overview 
6.2.3 Business Strategies
6.3 VF Corporation 
6.3.1 Business Overview 
6.3.2 Financial Overview 
6.3.3 Business Strategies
6.4 PUMA 
6.4.1 Business Overview 
6.4.2 Financial Overview 
6.4.3 Business Strategies

Development of Smart Clothing Products in Sportswear
Adidas Group’s R&D (2013-2015)

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