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Global, Regional and National Tobacco Players: Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (VNTC)

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Published Date : Aug 2013

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Tobacco Products

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This report provides a unique and comprehensive analysis of the company Global, Regional and National Tobacco Players: Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (VNTC), including the corporate profile, organisation structure, financial data, and competitive positioning. The analysis also details the organisation's history, merger and acquisition activity, licensing agreements, brand portfolio, as well as an assessment of competitive performance, strengths and weaknesses and current and future strategies.

Established in 1985, in recognition of the role played by the cigarette industry within the national budget, the Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation was given the task of executing "uniform leadership" and "integrating the management of the whole tobacco and cigarette industry in Vietnam". It is not only the largest cigarette producer in Vietnam but one of the largest business enterprises in the country. It is a state-owned holding group which, since June 2007, has been the only concern permitted to produce, import and distribute cigarettes and cigars in Vietnam.
Key Company Facts
Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba)
Corporate Structure
VNTC: Companies, Subsidiaries and Associates, 2011
VNTC: Cigarette Subsidiaries and Brands
Financial Highlights
VNTC: Financial Highlights, 1999-2013
Vinataba: Export Revenues, 2002-2012
Gross Output, Vietnamese Tobacco Industry, 2005-2010
Saigon Tobacco Company: Financial Highlights, 2005-2012
Cigarette Business Review
Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation: Global Cigarette Sales and Share Development, 2000-2012
Vietnam: Market Size, Company Share and Sales Volume, 2000-2012
Manufacturer Shares, Menthol Cigarettes, 2007
Vinataba's Cigarette Manufacturers and Distributors
International Markets
Vinataba: Export Sales, 2004-2012
Vietnam: Exports By Country of Destination, 2007-2010
Company Strengths, Strategies and Performance

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