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Global Povidone Iodine (CAS 25655-41-8) Market Outlook 2017-2022

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Gen Consulting

Published Date : Jul 2017

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No. of Pages : 97 Pages

Povidone-iodine (PVP-I), also known as iodopovidone, is an antiseptic used for skin disinfection before and after surgery. It may be used both to disinfect the skin of the patient and the hands of the healthcare providers. It may also be used for minor wounds. It may be applied to the skin as a liquid or a powder.

The report covers forecast and analysis for the povidone iodine market on a global and regional level. The study provides historic data of 2012-2016 along with a forecast from 2017 to 2022 based on both volumes and revenue. The study includes drivers and restraints for the povidone iodine market along with the impact they have on the demand over the forecast period. Additionally, the report includes the study of opportunities available in the povidone iodine market on a global level.

The report has been prepared based on the synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of information about the global povidone iodine market collected from specialized sources. The competitive landscape section of the report provides a clear insight into the market share analysis of key industry players. Company overview, financial overview, product portfolio, new project launched, recent development analysis are the parameters included in the profile.

The study provides a decisive view on the povidone iodine market by segmenting the market based on applications. All the application segments have been analyzed based on present and future trends and the market is estimated from 2017 to 2022.

Key Applications
Hospitals & Clinics

Key Regions
North America
Asia Pacific

Key Vendors
Glide Chem
RN Laboratories
Zen Chemicals
Hainan Nanhang
Boai NKY
Jiaozuo Yuanhai
Nan Da Pharm
Huaan Chemical
GreenCo Group
Star-Tech & JRS
Hong Sifang

Key Questions Answered in this Report
What will the market size be in 2022?
What are the key factors driving the global povidone iodine market?
What are the challenges to market growth?
Who are the key players in the povidone iodine market?
What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key players?
Part 1. Exclusive Summary

Part 2. Methodology
2.1 Research Methodology
2.2 Geographic Scope
2.3 Years Considered

Part 3. Introduction
3.1 Product Overview
3.2 Applications of Povidone Iodine
3.2.1 Hospitals & Clinics
3.2.2 Aquaculture
3.2.3 Food
3.3 Manufacturing Process
3.4 Raw Materials
3.5 Cost Analysis

Part 4. Competitive Landscape
4.1 Global Povidone Iodine Market, by Volume 2012-2017
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Global Povidone Iodine Market, by Volume, by Company
4.1.3 Top 5 Companies by Volume Share
4.2 Global Povidone Iodine Market, by Revenue 2012-2017
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Global Povidone Iodine Market, by Revenue, by Company
4.2.3 Top 5 Companies by Revenue Share

Part 5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Market Drivers
5.2 Challenges
5.3 Market Trends

Part 6. Segmentation by Application
6.1 Overview
6.2 Hospitals & Clinics
6.3 Aquaculture
6.4 Food

Part 7. North America
7.1 North American Povidone Iodine Market Size
7.2 by Application
7.2.1 Hospitals & Clinics
7.2.2 Aquaculture
7.2.3 Food
7.3 by Country
7.3.1 United States
7.3.2 Canada

Part 8. Europe
8.1 European Povidone Iodine Market Size
8.2 by Application
8.2.1 Hospitals & Clinics
8.2.2 Aquaculture
8.2.3 Food
8.3 by Country
8.3.1 Germany
8.3.2 UK
8.3.3 France
8.3.4 Italy
8.3.5 Spain

Part 9. Asia-Pacific
9.1 Asia-Pacific Povidone Iodine Market Size
9.2 by Application
9.2.1 Hospitals & Clinics
9.2.2 Aquaculture
9.2.3 Food
9.3 by Country
9.3.1 China
9.3.2 Japan
9.3.3 India
9.3.4 Korea
9.3.5 Australia

Part 10. Povidone Iodine Market Forecast
10.1 Global Povidone Iodine Market Size 2017-2022
10.2 Global Povidone Iodine Market by Region 2017-2022
10.2.1 North America
10.2.2 Europe
10.2.3 Asia-Pacific
10.3 Global Povidone Iodine Consumption 2017-2022
10.4 Global Povidone Iodine Market by Application 2017-2022

Part 11. Company Profiles
11.1 BASF (Germany)
11.1.1 Business Overview
11.1.2 Products Offered
11.1.3 Financials
11.2 Ashland (USA)
11.3 Marcus (USA)
11.4 Uquifa (Spain)
11.5 Glide Chem (India)
11.6 Eskay (India)
11.7 Adani (India)
11.8 RN Laboratories (India)
11.9 Calibre (India)
11.10 Zen Chemicals (India)
11.11 Hainan Nanhang (China)
11.12 Boai NKY (China)
11.13 Sunflower (China)
11.14 Yuking (China)
11.15 Jiaozuo Yuanhai Fine Chemical (China)
11.16 Zhongwei (China)
11.17 Dasheng (China)
11.18 Nan Da Pharm (China)
11.19 Apeloa (China)
11.20 Kelun (China)
11.21 Huaan Chemical (China)
11.22 GreenCo Group (China)
11.23 Jiafeng (China)
11.24 Huafu (China)
11.25 Star-Tech & JRS (China)
11.26 Hong Sifang (China)

Part 12. Industry Activity
12.1 M&As, JVs and Partnership
12.2 Expansions
12.3 Other Developments

Part 13. Appendix
13.1 Abbreviations
13.2 Disclaimer

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