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Global Nutritional Supplement Market Report: 2010 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Mar 2011

Category :

Sugar & Supplements

No. of Pages : 45 Pages

Nutritional supplements, also known as dietary supplements, are meant to supplement the food eaten and to provide the required nutrients to the body. It encompasses products like vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, sports nutritional products, and specialty nutritional products, among the others.

The nutritional supplement industry has shown a significant growth over the previous years, inspite of the global economic downturn which started in late 2007. The increase can be attributed to the increasing health care costs, which make people focus on proactive health care instead of symptom relief. Also, the ageing population and the desire to remain healthy prove to be important factors in driving the nutritional supplements market. Also, people have increased faith in the nutritional supplements due to wider acceptance of such products amongst the medical profession. All these factors would continue to impact the nutritional supplements industry worldwide in the foreseeable future.

The US, Europe and Japan collectively hold a major share in the global market. In the coming years, the share of Asia is expected to increase, mainly because of the supplement markets growth in China.

The global nutritional supplements industry is quite fragmented, with many small and large companies operating in the sphere. The fragmented nature of the industry offers scope for mergers and acquisitions.

The report analyses the global nutritional supplement market, with special focus on the regional markets. It presents a picture of the nutritional supplement market in three major regions, US, Japan and China. The report delves into the various drivers, as well as challenges, posing risk to the industry. The four major players in the global nutritional supplements industry, including Atrium Innovations, Glanbia Plc, NBTY Inc., and Herbalife Ltd. Have been profiled, along with their strategies for growth.

By combining SPSS Inc.s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.
Table of Content

1. Nutritional Supplements

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Supply Chain Analysis

2. Global Nutrition Industry

Market Value & Growth Rate
Market Segments

3. Global Nutritional Supplements Industry
3.1 Market Overview
Market Value
Regional Share
3.2 Probiotics
Market Value
Regional Share

4. Regional Analysis of Nutritional Supplements Market
4.1 United States
4.1.1 Overview
Market Value
Key Segments
Distribution Channels
4.1.2 Herbal and Botanical Supplements
Market Value
Key Segments

List of Table

Herbs and Botanical Sales in the US (2000-2009)
Herb and Botanical Sales by Channel (2008 & 2009)
Herb and Botanical Sales by Category (2005-2009)
Top 10 Mineral Supplement Brands (2010)
SFDAs 27 Functional Categories for Health foods
Global Nutrition Industry Top 15 Direct Sellers (2009)
Mergers and Acquisition of Health and Nutrition Ingredient Suppliers (2008-09)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2001 2009)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

List of Chart

Nutritional Products-Supply Chain Analysis
Global Nutrition Industry Sales (2001-2008)
Global Nutrition Industry Value Share by Segments (2009)
Global Nutritional Supplements Market (2007-2009E)
Global Supplement Industry Value Share by Region (2008)
Global Supplement Industry Value Share by Product Category (2008)
Probiotics Revenue Growth (2005-2008)
Probiotics Dietary Supplement Revenue Share by Region (2008)
US Healthy Food Sales Value Share by Products (2009)
US Nutritional Supplement Industry (2000-2009)
US Nutritional Supplement Market Value Share by Type (2008)
US Nutritional Supplements Value Segments by Channel of Distribution (2009)
Japanese Health Food Market (FY06-FY10E)
Japanese Health Food Market Value Sales by Sales Channel (FY09)
Health Food Market in China (2001-2009)
Health Food Market in China-by Types (2008)
Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in China-Market Share by Company (2009)
Health Food Market Segmentation by Consumer Group (2008)
Correlation Between Age and Nutritional Supplement Intake
Ageing Population Worldwide (age>65) 2005-2015
US Health Care Expenditure (2005-2014E)
Global Urban Population (2005-2015)
Global Online Retail Industry Growth (2006-2009)
Number of Transactions in Health and Nutrition Ingredient Suppliers (2006-2009)
Atrium Innovation Revenue (2005-2009)
Atrium Innovations Revenue Share by Segments (2009)
Glanbia plc. Revenue (2006-2010)
Glanbia Revenue Share by Segments (2010)
NBTY Revenue (FY06-FY10)
NBTY Revenue Share by Segment (FY10)
Herbalife Ltd. Revenue (2006-2010)
Herbalife Revenue Share by Segments (2010)
US Nutritional Supplement Market (2009-2014E)

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