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Global Luxury Goods Market Report: 2011 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Nov 2011

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Luxury Goods

No. of Pages : 55 Pages

Luxury is a relative concept and therefore is hard to define precisely, but anything that makes people feel more luxurious and which is priced far above its functional value is generally regarded as a luxury good. With the increasing wealth, coupled with the rising intention of setting themselves apart have helped in increasing the importance of luxury goods, which further has resulted in growth of the luxury goods market. Along with this, certain other factors contributing to this growth include the growth of professionals, rise in HNWI population and HNWI wealth, increasing families with both working couple, and people with strong desire for luxury products. 

The global demand for luxury goods has been consistently increasing for the past many years, with the only exception being the year 2009, during which the market experienced the impacts of the US sub-prime crisis. 

Regionally, Europe, Americas, and Japan are the three major markets for luxury goods, and together account for more than three-fourths of the market. The coming years are likely to witness growth in the emerging economies including China and India, mainly on the back of increasing wealth and rising standard of living of people in these regions. China, in fact, is poised to surpass Japan, and increase its share in the years to come. However, on the basis of the nationality of customers, Japanese customers lead the sphere. 

In the recent past, the online sale of luxury goods is gaining importance. Also, with the increased adoption of smart phones and increasing applications facilitating shopping through mobiles, the luxury buyers follow a trend to either shop online via mobile or otherwise use mobile to compare the online process with the store prices. The threat of the counterfeit products has been the major factor posing challenge to the luxury goods market. 

The luxury goods market is highly competitive, with the major factors influencing competition being the quality of products, the brand value and pricing. 

This report analyzes the development of the global luxury goods market, with a focus on some of the major segments including watches, wines and spirits, and jewelry. The major mature markets including Europe, the Americas and Japan, along with the two emerging markets promising future growth, China and India are being discussed in the report. The major trends, drivers facilitating growth of the luxury goods market as well as the issues being faced by the industry are being presented in this report entitled \"Global Luxury Goods Market: 2011 Edition.\" The four major players in the luxury goods industry include LVMH, Gucci Group, Hermes International and Richemont are being profiled in the report highlighting their key financials and strategies for growth. 

By combining SPSS Inc.\'s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that impact this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.
Table of Content

1. Introduction to Luxury Goods
Key Features
Distribution Channels

2. Global Luxury Goods Market

2.1 Market Size
2.2 Major Luxury Markets
Regional Breakdown
Customers by Nationality
Segment Share

3. Luxury Market Segments

3.1 Watch Market
Swiss Luxury Watch Buyers
Swiss Watch Exports
Export Destinations
Luxury Watch Brand Share
3.2 Wines and Spirits Market
Cognac Shipment Growth
Cognac Segments
Champagne Shipment Growth
Champagne Shipments by Country
3.3 Jewelry Market

4. Regional Luxury Goods Markets
4.1 European Luxury Market
Market Value
Quarterly Growth
4.2 American Luxury Market
Market Value
4.3 Japanese Luxury Market
Market Value
4.4 Chinese Luxury Market
Market Value
Market Segments
4.5 Indian Luxury Market

5. Luxury Market Dynamics

5.1 Current Trends
5.1.1 Growing Importance of Internet
5.1.2 Increasing Role of Mobile Devices in Luxury Shopping
5.2 Growth Drivers
5.2.1 Increasing HNWI Population
5.2.2 Correlation with the GDP
5.2.3 Increasing Contribution of Emerging Markets
5.2.4 Rising International Tourist Arrivals

6. Key Issues
6.1 Consolidation in the Luxury Goods Industry
6.2 Counterfeiting

List of Table

Comparison of Regular and Luxury Goods
Luxury Goods Sales Breakdown by Nationality (2010E)
Comparison of Top Brands by Rank (2011)
Top Brands in the Luxury Brand Status Index 2011
Geographical Sales Breakdown of Luxury Goods Companies (2010)
Luxury Brands Estimated Price Increases (2010-2011)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2001 2009)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary Coefficient of Determination

List of Chart

Luxury Goods: Features
Various Routes of Luxury Goods in Reaching the Customers
Global Luxury goods Market (2002-2010)
Global Luxury Goods Market Share by Region (2010)
Global Luxury Goods Market Share Breakdown by Segments (2010E)
Global Luxury Goods Market - Growth by Segments (2010)
Swiss Watches By Retail Prices (in US$)
Average Share of Swiss Luxury Watch Buyers
Swiss Watch Exports by Value (2005-2010)
Swiss Watch Exports Volume Share by Materials (2010)
Swiss Watch Exports Value Share by Materials (2010)
Swiss Watch Exports Value Share by Region (2010)
Top 15 Luxury Watch Brands-Value Share (2009)
Global Cognac Shipment by Volume (2005-2010)
Cognac Monthly Shipment Growth (Jan09-Mar11)
Growth in High-end Cognac Shipment by Type of Quality (2010 over 2009)
Global Champagne Shipments by Volume (2001-2010)
Global Champagne Shipments by Value (2009-2010)
Global Champagne Shipments by Country (2010)
Volume Share of Global Gold Demand by Sources (2009-2010)
Value Share of Global Gold Demand by Sources (2009-2010)
Global Diamond Demand Share by Region (2010)
Global Platinum Demand by Application (2006-2010)
European Luxury Goods Market Value (2009-2010)
Luxury Sector Quarterly Organic Sales Growth in Europe (Q103-Q410)
Luxury Goods Market in the Americas (2009-2010)
US High-end Department Store Sales (Jan08-Apr11)
US Luxury Master Card Spending Pulse (Sep09-Apr11)
Japanese Luxury Goods Market (2009-2010)
Luxury Goods Market Sales in China (2008-2010)
Chinese Luxury Goods Market Share by Segments (2009)
Worldwide Internet User Statistics (2005-2010)
HNWI Population Worldwide (2002-2010)
Luxury Goods Market Correlation with GDP (2003-2010)
International tourist Arrivals Worldwide (2002-2010)
Top 10 Luxury Goods Counterfeit Market Worldwide (2010)
LVMH Revenue Growth (2006-2010)
LVMH Revenue Share Breakdown by Segments (2010)
Number of Stores Operated by LVMH Worldwide (2008-2010)
Gucci Revenue Share Breakdown by Brands (2010)
Gucci Revenue (2009-2010)
Gucci Revenue Share Breakdown by Products (2010)
Number of Gucci Stores Worldwide by Brands (2009-2010)
Number of Branches Operated by Hermes (2006-2010)
Hermes International Revenue (2006-2010)
Hermes International Revenue Share Breakdown (2010)
Richemont Revenue (FY07-FY11)
Richemont Revenue Share Breakdown by Segments (FY11)
Global Luxury Goods Market Forecast (2010-2015E)

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