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Global Industrial Enzymes Market Report: 2012 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : May 2012

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Enzymes are known to play a crucial role as a metabolic catalyst in the development of life, since the advent of civilization. However, scientific research over a long period has discovered the actual functioning of enzymes, leading to their increased usage in various industries and applications. The market for industrial enzymes, world over, is projected to record CAGR of approximately 4.7% for the period spanning 2012-2014, mainly driven by development of new enzyme technologies and rising need for more environmental friendly and sustainable solutions in every aspect of life.

Rise in diverse needs like food, energy, etc. of growing population and urbanization in the world, an escalating demand for cosmetics with improvement in general economic conditions, besides expanding fuel ethanol market are the chief influences driving the upward market demand for industrial enzymes, all across the globe. Further, constant upgradations and innovations in the enzyme technology also helps widen the diversity of usages of enzymes and also their more efficient use in different applications. This in turn naturally converts into enhanced demand for industrial enzymes. However, rising energy and raw material costs and stringent regulatory measures by the governments also keep check on the unassailed growth of the industrial enzymes market.

The end use market for industrial enzymes is extremely wide spread with numerous industrial and commercial applications. Food & beverages and household care industries represent the largest application areas of enzymes, followed by animal feed, biofuels, textile, and other technical industries. The demand of industrial enzymes for use in the aforementioned sectors and various others is on continuous rise driven by growing need for sustainable solutions. In terms of major regions, Europe represents the largest market for industrial enzymes in the world, however, the developing economies of Asia Pacific and Africa and Middle East regions, among others, are emerging as the most promising markets for industrial enzymes.

The global industrial enzymes market is intensely competitive with Novozymnes being the largest player in the industry, followed by DSM, and DuPont, among others. The companies mainly compete on the basis of product quality, performance, use of intellectual property rights, and the ability to innovate, among other such factors.

The report provides an analysis of the global industrial enzymes market. It also discusses major developments, growth drivers and challenges for the market. The report presents the competitive structure of the industry and profiles major players in the market with a discussion of their key business strategies.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.
Table Of Content

1. Industrial Enzymes: An Overview 
1.1 An Introduction
1.2 Application of Enzymes 
1.3 Benefits of Enzymes 
1.4 Production of Enzymes 
1.5 Industrial Enzymes: Value Chain Analysis 

2. Global Market Structure 
2.1 Global Industrial Enzyme Market 
Market Overview
Market Size
2.2 Industrial Enzyme Market by Industries 
2.2.1 Detergent Enzyme Market 
2.2.2 Animal Feed Market 
2.2.3 Fuel Ethanol Market 
2.3 Industrial Enzyme Market by Regions 
2.3.1 Europe 
Industrial Enzymes Market
Food Enzymes Market
2.3.2 China
Market Segmentation
Market Share
2.3.3 India 
Market Overview
Market Size

3. Market Dynamics 
3.1 Growth Drivers 
3.1.1 Growing Population and Urbanization 
3.1.2 Expanding Fuel Ethanol Market 
3.1.3 Growth in Demand for Cosmetics 
3.2 Industry Developments 
3.2.1 New Enzyme Product for Advanced Cellulosic Biofuels 
3.2.2 New Feed Additive Enzyme Range 
3.3 Challenges 
3.3.1 Rising Energy and Raw Material Costs 
3.3.2 Stringent Regulations 

4. Competitive Scenario 
Competitive Overview
Market Share

5. Company Profiles 
5.1 Novozymes A/S 
Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Expanding Market Presence
Investment in Capacity Expansion
5.2 E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont) 
Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Focus on Inclusive Innovation
Creating a Differential Management
5.3 Royal DSM N.V. (DSM) 
Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Focus on Emerging Markets
Growth through Acquisitions/Partnerships

6. Market Outlook 
6.1 Market Forecast 
6.2 Forecast Methodology 
6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables 
6.2.2 Correlation Analysis 
6.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Table

Top 5 BioIndustrial Companies in India - by Revenue, FY09-FY11
Dependent & Independent Variables, 2003-2011
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

List of Chart

Value Chain of Industrial Enzyme Industry
Global Industrial Enzymes Market Revenues, 2005-2011
Enzyme Spend per capita by Regions, 2011
Global Industrial Enzyme Market by Industries – by Value, 2010
Number of Detergents Containing Enzymes Launched Globally, 2000-2010
Share of Detergents with Enzymes, 2000 & 2010
Global Animal Feed Additives Market by Type, 2010
Global Animal Feed Market, 2010
Global Fuel Ethanol Production by Major Regions, 2011
Enzyme Use Cost per Gallon Bioethanol, 2007-2010
Production Cost per Gallon Bioethanol, 2007-2010
European Industrial Enzymes Market, 2010-2011
European Food Enzymes Market, 2011 & 2016
China Enzyme Market by Industry – by Value, 2010
China Enzyme Market Share by Companies, 2010 
Share of Industrial Enzymes Sector in Indian Biotechnology Industry, FY2011
Indian BioIndustrial (Industrial Enzymes) Market, FY10-FY11
Global Population Growth, 2005-2012F
The US Fuel Ethanol Production, 2008-2022
Global Cosmetics Market Revenues, 2004-2011
Global Industrial Enzymes Market Share by Companies, 2011 
Novozymes’ Revenue Breakdown by Business Segments, 2011
Novozymes’ Total and Enzyme Business Revenues, 2007-2011
DuPont’s Revenue Breakdown by Business Segments, 2011
DuPont’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011
DSM’s Revenue Breakdown by Business Segments, 2011
DSM’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011
Global Industrial Enzymes Market Forecast: 2010-2014F

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