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Global In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market Report: 2016 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Apr 2016

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a process of fertilizing the egg outside the body. It is helpful for those couples who are suffering from infertility and hence are not able to conceive a child but want to have a family. There has been an increase in infertility cases globally for which many factors are responsible like increasing late marriages because of the career perspective. Age is an important factor in pregnancy as when the age of the woman increases, the chances of getting pregnant decreases. Increasing obesity and addiction of alcohol, tobacco and smoking are also the factors responsible for infertility.

Today, IVF accounts for 4% of the total birth in many European countries and is estimated to grow further. Many new techniques and treatments have been introduced in the market dealing with weak eggs, diminished ovarian reserve and the egg reserves which have shown positive results. Time lapse technology, frozen embryo transfer (FET) and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are the technologies helping out in increasing the success rate of IVF. Japan occupies the largest share of the IVF cycles with Europe lying at the second position and the US at third. An increased focus on developing countries like India will affect the market where many of the infertile patients are not able to get the treatment because of unawareness or non-presence of the specialized doctors who can perform the therapy.

The key factors which are anticipated to drive IVF market includes increasing maternal age, decrease in global fertility, increased social acceptance of IVF, public financing, increase in global GDP and improvement in the healthcare expenses. Some of the significant developments of this industry are technological enhancement and innovation of techniques, increase in the medical tourism and increase in same sex marriage. However, the challenges to be faced are legal regulations, technical competence and cultural limitations, expensive therapy, side effects, risks like multiple births, ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS), and stress, mental and emotional preparation.

This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the IVF market. Furthermore, market dynamics such as key trends and development; and challenges are analyzed in depth. On the contention front, the global IVF market is reined by few major players. The competitive landscape of the respective market, along with the company profiles of the leading players are also discussed in detail. 

Table of Content

1. Market Overview
1.1 In Vitro Fertilization: An Introduction    
1.2 Steps Involved in IVF and Embryo Transfer Process    
1.3 Reasons for IVF Use    
1.4 Side Effects Associated with IVF    
1.5 Risk Associated with IVF    
1.6 Market Segmentation

2. Global IVF Market
2.1 Global IVF Market by Value    
2.2 Global Annual IVF Cycles    
2.3 Global IVF Cycles by Region    
2.4 Global Fertility Rate by Regions    
2.5 Global Fertility Clinics Market Share by Region    
2.6 Global IVF Treatment Cost by Region    
2.7 Global Natural Conception by Age Group    
2.8 Global Success Rate of IVF by Age Group    
2.9 Global Success Rate of IVF by Cycle

3. Global IVF Market by Region
3.1 The US IVF Market    
3.1.1 The US IVF Market by Value    
3.1.2 The US IVF Market by Share    
3.1.3 The US IVF Market by Cycles    
3.1.4 Infertility Rate by Age in the US    
3.1.5 Same Sex Married Couples in the US    
3.1.6 Diagnosis Frequency for Infertility in the US    
3.1.7 Types of ART Cycles    
3.1.8 ART Use by Age Group    
3.1.9 ART – Outcome & Cancellations    
3.1.10 ART Cycle Resulted into Pregnancy    
3.2 Australia IVF Market    
3.2.1 Australia IVF Market by Value    
3.2.2 Australia IVF Market Share by State    
3.2.3 Prominent Customer Age Group    
3.3 India IVF Market    
3.3.1 India IVF Market by Value    
3.3.2 India IVF Cycles by Region    
3.3.3 India IVF Market Growth    
3.3.4 ART Future Requirements in India    
3.4 Europe IVF Market    
3.4.1 European Union IVF Market by Cycles

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Increasing Maternal age    
4.1.2 Decrease in Global Fertility Rate    
4.1.3 Increased Social Acceptance of IVF    
4.1.4 Public Financing    
4.1.5 Increase in Global GDP    
4.1.6 Improvement in Global Healthcare Expenditure    
4.1.7 Increase in the Obese Population
4.2 Trends and Development
4.2.1 Technological Enhancement and Innovation of Techniques    
4.2.2 Increase in Medical Tourism    
4.2.3 Increase in LGBT Marriages
4.3 Challenges
4.3.1 Legal Regulations    
4.3.2 Technical Incompetence and Cultural Limitations    
4.3.3 Expensive Therapy and Side Affects    
4.3.4 Mental and Emotional Preparation

5. Competitive Landscape

6. Company Profiles
6.1 Vitrolife
6.1.1 Business Overview    
6.1.2 Financial Overview    
6.1.3 Business Strategies
6.2 Monash
6.2.1 Business Overview    
6.2.2 Financial Overview    
6.2.3 Business Strategies
6.3 Ova Sciences
6.3.1 Business Overview    
6.3.2 Financial Overview    
6.3.3 Business Strategies     

List of Table

Ways of Treatment of Infertility
Current Scenario of Infertility Market in India (2015)
Future Scenario of Infertility Market in India (2020E)
European IVF Market by Region (2015E)
Decrease in Female Fertility with Age 
Decrease in Male Fertility with Age 
Reasons for Seeking Infertility Treatment
Legal Regulations Regarding Eligibility Criteria for IVF in Some Countries
OVAS Key Products
Comparison of Innovative Products with the Ongoing Development
Comparative Analysis between Ova Sciences, Vitrolife and Monash (2014) 

List of Chart

Steps Involved in IVF and Embryo Transfer Process
Breakdown of Male Infertility Causes (2015)
Breakdown of Female Infertility Causes (2015)
Market Segments of IVF (2015)
Global IVF Market by Value (2012-2014)
Global Annual IVF Cycles (2014-2018E)
IVF Cycles Share by Region (2014)
Global Fertility Rate by Region (2014)
Global Fertility Clinics Market Share by Region (2014)
Global IVF Treatment Cost by Region (2014)
Global Natural Conception by Age Group over a Year (2014)
Global Success Rate of IVF by Age Group (2014)
Global Success Rate of IVF by Cycle (2014)
The US IVF Market by Value (2014-2019E)
The US IVF Market Share by Company (2014)
The US IVF Market by Cycles (2014-2018E)
Infertility Rate by Age in the US (2014)
Same Sex Married Couples by Number (2008-2013)
Diagnosis Frequency for Infertility in the US (2014)
Types of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Cycles in the US (2014)
Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Use by Age Group in the US (2014)
Outcome of ART Cycles using Fresh Non Donor Eggs or Embryos (2013)
Reasons Cited for the Cancellation of ART (2014)
Percentage of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Cycle that Resulted into Pregnancy (2014)
Percentage of Pregnancies Resulting in a Live Birth (2014)
Australia IVF Market by Value (2011-2014)
Australia IVF Market Share by State (2015)
Increase in the Prominent Customer Age Group (2006-2013)
India IVF Market by Value (2012-2014)
IVF Cycles Share by Region (2015)
Growth of IVF Market in India (2005/2015)
Patient Distribution by Sex (2015)
Patient Distribution by Income Level (2015)
European Union IVF Market by Cycles (2014-2018E)
Global Fertility Rate (1965-2014)
Global GDP Growth (2006-2014)
Global Healthcare Expenditure (2007-2014)
Global Obese Population (2006-2014)
Medical Tourism Industry 
Vitrolife Sales by Region (2014/2013)
Average Number of Employees (2010-2014)
Vitrolife Revenue and Net Income (2010-2014)
Number of Patients Treated Related to IVF (2011-2014)
Number of IVF Cycles (2013-2014) 
Number of Frozen Embryo Transfers (2013-2014)
Monash Revenue (2010-2014)
Estimated Sales of AUGMENT (2017E-2030E)
Estimated Sales of OvaPrime (2017E-2030E)
Ova Sciences R&D Expenses and Net Loss (2012-2015)

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