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Global Handbags Market Report: 2012 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Jun 2012

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Handbags form important add-ons completing the wardrobe of ladies for ages. However, in the present scenario, handbags are not only used for their utilities, but they have now-a-days become a fashion statement for women. China is the largest exporter and US is the largest importer of travel goods, handbags and other similar items worldwide.
The US is the largest consumer of handbags worldwide and occupies a very significant share in the global handbags market. Handbags in the US represent around one-third of share in the overall women’s accessories market, in value terms. Owing to sluggish economic conditions, the US handbag market had shown decline in the past three years. However, with the recovering economy, the handbags demand also recovered in 2011, and is likely to witness in the coming years as well.

Increasing trend of online shopping has facilitated the growth of handbags market as this mode proves out to be convenient to the consumers. Some other factors driving the growth of handbags market in the coming years include the growth of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), growing income and increasing level of employment worldwide. As innovation provides spark to every industry, similarly innovation and creativity has become a major trend in the handbags industry. Handbags with LEDs (Light Emitting diodes) and handbags utilizing solar energy to power small electronic devices are some such examples.

With a number of players operating in the handbag industry, the global handbags market is quite fragmented. Since the pool of customers for handbags is quite huge, the potential in this sector attracts more and more customers, which further intensifies the level of competition. Among all, Coach Inc. remains an undisputed leader in the handbags market worldwide.

The present report titled “Global Handbags Market: 2012 Edition” discusses the global market for luxury handbags, as well as trade of handbags worldwide. The report presents a detailed analysis of the US handbag market, discussing the key trends in the regional market and trade. Following this, the report presents one other major handbags market, the European Union. The key points discussed include the production of handbags, sales, pricing trend, and trade statistics. Also, the report presents a short discussion on one of the emerging handbag market, the Asia Pacific. The report analyzes some of the major drivers as well as trends prevailing in the global handbags market. Three major players operating in the handbags industry worldwide are profiled, focusing on their business, financials and growth strategies.
Table of Content

1. Handbags
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Segmentation
1.3 Handbags-Value Chain

2. Global Handbags Market
2.1 Luxury Handbags Market
  • Market Growth
  • Regional Breakdown
2.2 Trade 
  • Exports by Region
  • Imports by Region

3. Principal Handbag Markets
3.1 The US
3.1.1 Accessories Retail Market
  • Market Value
  • Key Segments
3.1.2 Handbags Market
  • Market Size by Value
  • Market Size by Volume
3.1.3 Key Trends
  • Price Trend
  • Distribution Channel
3.1.4 Trade
  • Imports by Region by Value
  • Imports by Region by Volume
3.2 Europe Handbags Market
  • Handbag Production
  • Handbag Sales
  • Pricing Trend
  • Trade
3.3 Asia Pacific Handbags Market
3.3.1 Luxury Handbag Market

4. Key Prevailing Factors
4.1 Competitive Price Comparisons Worldwide
4.2 Handbags on Rent
4.3 Handbag Insurance
4.4 Increasing Level of Innovation
4.5 Spring 2012 Trends
4.6 Increasing Trend of Counterfeiting

5. Growth Drivers
5.1 Increasing share of Online Shopping
5.2 Growing Percentage of High Net Worth Individuals
5.3 Increasing Global Income
5.4 Rising Level of Employment Worldwide
5.5 Growing Number of Working Women Worldwide

6. Handbags Market - Competitive Landscape
  • Competitive Overview
  • Brand Rankings

7. Company Profiles
7.1 Coach Inc.
  • Business Description
  • Key Financials
  • Business Strategies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Manufacturing Strategy
  • Focus on Diversification 
7.2 Hermes International
  • Business Description
  • Key Financials
  • Business Strategies
  • Increasing Presence in Developing Markets
  • Growth by Investing in Distribution Network
  • Control over Sourcing
7.3 LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) 
  • Business Description
  • Key Financials
  • Business Strategies
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Focus on Improving Product Portfolio
  • Bolster the Brand Image

List of Table

US Women’s Accessories Retail Sales - Share by Category (2011) 
US Handbags Imports - by Value and Volume (2008-Aug 2010) 
Asia Pacific Luxury Handbags Market – Value Share by Region (2009, 2014E) 
Average Handbag Price Comparisons – by Brands
Spring 2012 - Women Handbag Brand Preference 
Top 10 Handbag Companies Worldwide (2011)

List of Chart

Women Handbags-Segments
Value-Chain of Handbags Market
Growth of Global Luxury Handbag & Small Leather Goods Retail Market (2007-2011E) 
Retail Spending of Luxury Handbags & Small Leather Goods by Region (2010) 
Imports/Exports of Travel Goods, Handbags etc of Leather, Plastics, Textiles and Others (2004-2010) 
Exports of Travel Goods, Handbags, etc of Leather Goods, Plastics, Textiles and Others- Share by Region (2010) 
Imports of Travel Goods, Handbags, etc of Leather Goods, Plastics, Textiles and Others- Share by Region (2010) 
US Women’s Accessories – Retail Sales (2010-2012E) 
US Women’s Handbags Retail Sales– by Volume (2002-2011E) 
US Women’s Handbags Retail Sales – by Value (2002-2011E) 
Average Retail Price of Handbags in the US (2002-2011) 
US Women Handbag Unit Sales – Volume Share Breakdown by Prices (2011) 
US Women Handbag Sales – Value Share Breakdown by Prices (2011) 
US Women’s Handbag Retail Sales – Breakdown by Mode of Distribution (2011) 
US Handbag Sales – Share by Category (2011) 
Handbag Production in the EU – by Value (2003-2010) 
EU Handbag Value Production – by Region (2010) 
EU Handbag Volume Sales – by Region (2010) 
Average Handbag Unit Price in EU (2008-2010) 
Regional Average Handbag Unit Price in EU (2010) 
Extra EU-27 Exports of Travel Goods, Handbags and Similar Products (2006-2010) 
Extra EU-27 Imports of Travel Goods, Handbags and Similar Products (2006-2010) 
Luxury Branded Handbag Market Growth in Asia Pacific (2008-2013E) 
HNWI Population Worldwide (2002-2010) 
Global GDP (2005-2011) 
Global Employment (2005-2011E) 
Worldwide Population of Working Women (2004-2010) 
Coach Revenue (FY07-FY11) 
Coach Revenue – Share by Product Category (FY11) 
Hermes Revenue (2007-2011) 
Hermes Revenue – Share by Segments (2011) 
LVMH Revenue (2009-2011) 
LVMH Revenue-Share by Segments (2011)

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