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Global Ebola Partnering 2010 to 2016

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Current Partnering

Published Date : Mar 2016

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Diseases & Conditions

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The Global Therapy Partnering Terms and Agreements since 2010 report provides understanding and access to partnering deals and agreements entered into by the world

Table of Content

Chapter 1 - Therapypartnering trends in numbers
Partnering in numbers – by year
Partnering in numbers – most active
Partnering in numbers – by industry sector
Partnering in numbers – by deal type
Partnering in numbers – by technology type
Partnering in numbers – by stage of development

Chapter 2 - Most active dealmakers

Chapter 3 - Partnering deals directory

Partnering deals directory – by company A-Z
Partnering deals directory – by deal value
Partnering deals directory – by industry sector
Partnering deals directory – by deal type
Partnering deals directory – by stage of development
Partnering deals directory – by technology area

Chapter 4 - Partnering deals with a contract document

Chapter 5 - M&A in numbers

M&A in numbers – by year

Chapter 6 - M&A deals directory
M&A deals directory – by company A-Z
M&A deals directory – by deal value

Chapter 7 - Financing in numbers
Financing in numbers – by year
Financing in numbers – by financing type

Chapter 8 - Financing deals directory
Financing deals directory – by company A-Z
Financing deals directory – by deal value
Financing deals directory – by financing type
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List of Chart

Figure 1: Partnering frequency by year
Figure 2: Partnering most active
Figure 3: Partnering by industry sector
Figure 4: Partnering by deal type
Figure 5: Partnering by technology area
Figure 6: Partnering by stage of development
Figure 7: M&A frequency by year
Figure 8: Financing frequency by year
Figure 9: Financing by type

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