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Global Banknote Industry Report: 2011 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Sep 2011

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No. of Pages : 46 Pages

Across the globe, banknote industry is an essential component of the economy and the monetary policy of each country. For the production and issuance of new banknotes and the destruction of unfit banknotes, the central banks are the responsible authority. The ultimate objective is to make sure that public has confidence in the currency so that banknotes continue to serve the purpose of being an effective payment mechanism. Although the production of banknotes has been a very secretive and protected system, the industry set-up is undergoing change from its secretive stance with the gradual opening up of the industry.

Worldwide Banknote issuance has increased over the past years and is also expected to increase in the future. US Dollar accounts for the largest banknote production. In the foreign exchange reserves also, US Dollar accounts for the largest share. The banknote circulation has seen a continuous growth in some of the worlds major economies, despite the global economic slowdown which resulted in economic crisis in many parts of the world.

Globally, the demand and production capacity of paper has increased and the same is expected in the future as well. Also the overspill print market has increased in the past years. Major players in this industry are De la Rue, G&D, Oberthur, Crane, Orelli Fussli with De La Rue being the largest player.

No doubt cash has been the preferred mode of payment, but after the development of effective electric payment mechanism, use of paper currency has been reduced to a great extent. A major issue in banknote industry is counterfeiting and the number of cases of counterfeiting has increased significantly.

The report provides an analysis of the global banknote industry. It also analyzes banknote industry of several countries like Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Switzerland. The report explains the various aspects involved in the production of banknotes, printing and distribution logistics model. Macro economic factors affecting growth of money supply and factors influencing currency in circulation have also been taken into consideration. Key issues in the banknote industry have been highlighted in the report. Competition prevailing in the banknote industry has also been discussed. This report profiles major players with a discussion of their key business strategies.
Table of Content

1. Banknote Industry
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Banknote Lifecycle
1.3 Banknote Printing
1.4 Distribution Logistics Model

2. Global Banknote Industry

Issuance by Volume
Production Share by Currency
Market Share

3. United States Banknote Industry

Production by Volume

4. European Union Banknote Industry

Circulation by Value
Circulation by Volume

5. England Banknote Industry
Circulation by Value
Production by Volume
Issuance by Value
Issuance by Volume
Destruction by Value/Volume

6. Australian Banknote Industry
Issuance by Volume
Issuance by Value
Banknote Production

7. New Zealand Banknote Industry

List of Table

Overview of Technological Change
EU - No. of NCBs and No. of Credit Institution Branches in Europe (May 2011)
EU - Quantity of Euro Banknotes -in million (2002-July2011)
EU - Value of Euro Banknotes -in million (2004-July 2011)
EU - Production Breakdown of Coins for Respective Cash Changeover-in millions (July 2011)
Australian Banknote on Issue- million (2004-2010)
Australian Banknote on Issue-by Denomination (June 2010)
Australian Counterfeit Banknote (2009-2010)
Stock of Notes in Circulation in England at - By Value-in million (2004-2011)
Issue of Bank of England Banknote- By Value-in million (2003-2011)
Destruction of Bank of England Banknotes- in million- By value (2003-2011)
Damaged or mutilated Bank of England Note Claims Received (2003-2010)
US - Denomination-Wise Annual Currency Notes Production- in million notes (1980-2010)
New Zealand - Banknotes in Circulation- in US$000s (2000-2011)
New Zealand - Destruction of Polymer Notes in 2009 (in 000s)
Banknote Circulation in Switzerland- By Denomination (2010)
Factors affecting Growth in Money Supply
Factors influencing Currency Circulation
Major Players in Banknote Industry

List of Chart

Banknote Lifecycle
Banknote Printing
Distribution Logistics Model
Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves (2010)
Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves (1Q2011)
Global Banknote Issuance (2008-2014E)
Global Banknote Production- by Percentage (2009)
Global Banknote Industry -By Segment (2011E)
Australian Banknote Production (2002-2010)
Australian Banknote Purchases (2000-2010)
Production of Bank of England Banknotes-By Number (2003-2011)
Issue of Bank of England Banknotes- By Number (2003-2011)
Destruction of Bank of England Banknotes- By Number (2003-2011)
Number of Banknotes Issued and Received (2010)
Global Paper Demand and Capacity (2010-2014E)
Overspill Print Market (2007-2011E)
Print Market Share-By Companies (2010)
Paper Market Share-By Companies (2010)
De La Rue Banknote Print Volume (2007-2011)
Revenue of De La Rue (2007-2011)
De La Rue Revenue- By Business Segments (FY2011)
Net Income of G&D (2008-2010)
Sales of G&D- By Business Segments (2010)
Revenue of Oberthur Technologies (2008-2010)
Revenue of Oberthur Technologies-By Activity (2010)
Net Sales of Crane Co. (2006-2010)
Net Sales of Crane Co- By Segment (2010)

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