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Glass is a ubiquitous material that forms a part of many structures and objects that we come across every day, but never give a second thought to. This solid, hard material is non-crystalline by composition, and has the quality of being optically transparent. Glass can be subject to various treatments and processes to either improve or reduce its optical clarity depending on where it is likely to be used. 


Numerous materials such as polymers, metallic alloys, aqueous solutions, and molecular liquids can be molten to produce glass of the desired quality and attributes.


Often times, the demand for glass is directly proportional to per capita growth. With a growing population, the demand for buildings and houses rises too. Glass is used for functional as well as decorative purposes. It is also a key component of fiber optics that has revolutionized the way the world transmits information. 


There are numerous other applications of glass that include: packing and packaging, solar components and equipment, research equipment, automobile parts, defense and aerospace components, architectural and aesthetic products, insulating and protective materials, and a lot more. 


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