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Industry analysts estimate that the global food and beverage market will likely exceed USD 735 billion by the end of 2015. This would mark a growth rate of 25% over a five-year period. The total market volume, by the end of 2015 is projected to reach 690 million tons. Worldwide, the export of fruit and vegetables generates revenue to the tune of USD 45 billion, according to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 


The structure of this market is interesting in that the top 50 companies have a foothold over 70% of the total revenue. This industry comprises several different types of products such as—processed and canned fruits and vegetables, concentrates, frozen products, dehydrated products, and so on. The processed fruits and vegetables market is further segmented into several different categories such as pickles, jams, juices, chutneys, and more. Industry research also shows that nearly 65% of the total market is comprised of vegetables.


As more and more consumers become aware of the health benefits of consuming vegetables and fruits, the demand for products in this category has spiked. This has led to a parallel rise in the demand for processing equipment, skilled staff, as well as packaging and transportation solutions. Consumers are increasingly showing a greater demand for fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices as opposed to sugar-rich and fizzy beverages that contain artificial flavors and preservatives. It is estimated that the market for natural fruit and vegetables juices will witness renewed growth in the years to come. The market also has a growing number of keen consumers of juices and processed items made from organic ingredients. Thus, market analysts expect a rise in the market volume of organic ingredients.


 A significant portion of the marketing campaign budgets of global manufacturers is channeled towards the emerging economies of India and China. 


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