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Fraxodi-Drug Insights, 2017

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Published Date : Jan 2017

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No. of Pages : 35 Pages

DelveInsight Drug Report, Fraxodi- Drug Insights, 2017 highlights the Fraxodi marketed details, pipeline status and the Global API Manufacturers along with the location. The DelveInsights report covers the Global Market Assessment of the Fraxodi covering the total sales estimation and also provides the Fraxodi sales performance during the historical period and forecast period to 2018. DelveInsights Report also covers the detailed clinical assessment of Fraxodi, patents information and exclusivity data, route of synthesis, competitive landscape, and generic players. In addition to this, DelveInsights Report provides the SWOT analysis for the Fraxodi.
Please note:This report requires certain updates. We have all the information available but require 3 business days to complete the process and ensure it is as up-to-date as possible. Certain sections in the report may be removed or altered based on the availability and relevance of data for the indicated drug.
A review of the Fraxodi based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources
Coverage of the Marketed data of the Fraxodi on the basis of MOA, target, dosage, route of administration, molecule type, strength, Chemical type and ATC Classification
Coverage of the United States Drug Master File (US DMF), Active Substance Master File/EU DMF and API Manufactures in China & India for Fraxodi with location details
Patent Expiry Timeline and Exclusivity Details
Route of Synthesis of the API
Global Forecasted Sales Figure to 2018
Qualitative and quantitative assessment of market space
SWOT Analysis
Reasons to buy
Evaluate the marketing status and exclusivity details of Fraxodi to exploit opportunities for generic drug development opportunities.
Design effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage by identifying the key patent expiry details and exclusivity with respect to Fraxodi.
API intelligence over Fraxodi and gaining primary intelligence over Active Ingredients manufacturers across the globe.
Understanding the chemical route of synthesis of Fraxodi.
Uncovering opportunities in the rapidly growing the US market
Stay ahead of competition by understanding the changing competitive landscape
Effectively plan your M&A and partnership strategies by identifying drugs with the most promising sales potential
Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of the drugs performance
Obtain sales forecast for currently marketed drug for to 2018

1. DelveInsight Report Introduction
2. Fraxodi Overview
2.1 Market Competition
2.3 Competitors in Development
3 Global Sales Assessment
3.1 Historical Sales of Fraxodi
3.2 Forecasted Sales of Fraxodi
4 Product Description
4.1 Mechanism of Action
4.2 Pharmacodynamic Properties
4.3 Pharmacokinetic Properties
5 Marketed Details
5.1 United States
5.2 Europe
6 Patent Information
6.1 Patent Numbers and Expiry Details
6.2 Patent and Exclusivity Expiry Assessment United States (US)
6.3 Patent Details
7 Route of Synthesis
8 Global API Manufacturers Assessment
8.1 The United States Drug Master File (US DMF)
8.2 The Europe Drug Master File (EUDMF)/Active Substance Master File (ASMF)
8.3 The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturers in China
8.4 The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturers in India
9 Generic Players
10 The Pipeline Coverage
11 Clinical Trials Information
11.1 Clinical Trials by Zone
12 Company Profile
12.1 Company Summary
12.2 Company Financials
13 SWOT Analysis
14 References
15 Appendix
16 Methodology
17 Consulting Services
18 About DelveInsight
19 Contact Us
20 Disclaimer

List of Table

Table 1: Fraxodi, Historical Global Sales (in million USD), 2017
Table 2: Fraxodi, Forecasted Global Sales (in million USD), 2017
Table 3: Fraxodi, Description
Table 4: Fraxodi, Marketed Details the United States (US)
Table 5: Fraxodi, Marketed Details the Europe (EU)
Table 6: Fraxodi, Patent/Exclusivity Expiry (Year), 2017
Table 7: Fraxodi, Patent Number Specific Patent Expiry (Year), 2017
Table 8: Fraxodi, Patent Details
Table 9: Fraxodi, Route of Synthesis
Table 10: Fraxodi, the United States Drug Master File (US DMF), 2017
Table 11: Fraxodi, the Europe Active Substance Master File (ASMF), 2017
Table 12: Fraxodi, the API Manufacturers, China, 2017
Table 13: Fraxodi, the API Manufacturers, India, 2017
Table 14: Fraxodi, Generic Players, 2017
Table 15: Fraxodi, Pipeline Drug Details, 2017
Table 16: Fraxodi, Clinical Trials, 2017
Table 17: Fraxodi, Clinical Trials by Zone, 2017
Table 18: Company Overview, 2017
Table 19: Fraxodi, SWOT Analysis, 2017

List of Chart

Figure 1: Fraxodi, Historical Global Sales (in million USD), 2017
Figure 2: Fraxodi, Forecasted Global Sales (in million USD), 2017
Figure 3: Fraxodi, Patent/Exclusivity Expiry (Year), 2017
Figure 4: Fraxodi, Patent Number Specific Patent Expiry (Year), 2017
Figure 5: Fraxodi, Route of synthesis
Figure 6: Fraxodi, the API Manufacturers by the US DMF Status (%), 2017
Figure 7: Fraxodi, the API Manufacturers by Region, 2017
Figure 8: Fraxodi, the API Manufacturers by Location/Countries, 2017
Figure 9: Fraxodi, Generic Players, 2017
Figure 10: Fraxodi, Clinical Trials by Zone (%), 2017

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