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The global fragrances sector has become a crucial element in the global economy in recent years due to the steady rise in the purchasing power of consumers in emerging regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The booming economies of countries such as India, China, Brazil, the UAE, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia have played a key role in the growth of the fragrances sector in the last few years. Apart from the steady consumer base in these countries, they also contain a large number of local perfume, fragrance, and incense manufacturing plants.

The global fragrances market has been driven in recent years by the rising disposable income of consumers, which has led to a demand for a more luxurious lifestyle. Deodorants have also enjoyed a steady rise in demand in the last few years thanks to the growing interest in personal hygiene as well as the steady increase in participation in sports. The latter is a major driver for the fragrances market in developed regions, as an increasing number of geriatrics are taking up sports activities.

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