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Forensic Technologies: New and Growing Markets

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BCC Research

Published Date : Sep 2017

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The major U.S. forensic products and services market reached nearly $12.7 billion in 2016. This market is expected to grow to nearly $13.3 billion in 2017 and $19.2 billion by 2022 at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 7.7% for the period 2017 to 2022.

Report Includes
An overview of new and growing markets for forensic technologies
Analyses of market trends in forensic technologies, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022
Information on all areas of the forensics market, including identification of current and future technologies, products, market segments and end markets, and regulatory agencies
Information on major patents filed
Information on participating companies in light of technological strengths and weaknesses, relative market shares, marketing strengths, and innovative marketing practices
Report Scope
In preparing this report, an overall study of the crime laboratory segment of the U.S. forensic science market was undertaken. Related areas provided key information; as newer areas such as computer forensics make up a growing share of the total forensics business. All areas of the forensics market are addressed including identification of current and future technologies, products, market segments/end markets, and government and regulatory agencies. Participating companies are discussed in light of technological strengths and weaknesses, relative market share, marketing strengths and innovative marketing practices.

Analyst Credentials
Kevin Gainer, research analyst, holds both B.A. and M.A. degrees in economic analysis and forecasting, and has more than 25 years of economic and market research experience. He is the author of six published books and dozens of technical papers, analyses and studies published in conference proceedings, including many unpublished proprietary analyses within corporations. He has worked as a Research Editor and Project Analyst at BCC Research since 1985, and has authored numerous BCC technology market research reports and periodicals.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Study Goals and Objectives
Reasons for Doing This Study and Its Importance
Contributions of This Study and for Whom
Scope and Format of Report
Information Sources
Analyst's Credentials
Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2: Summary and Highlights
Major Findings
Chapter 3: Overview
Definition of Forensic Science
Forensics as an Economic Sector
History of Forensic Science
U.S. Forensic Laboratories
Trends in Computerization of Crime Laboratories
Medical Examiners and Coroners
Crime Rates and Forensic Backlogs
Governmental Oversight of Forensics
Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Reform Act of 2011
Governmental Oversight
The Growing Role of Forensic Databases
Fingerprint Databases
Next Generation Identification (NGI)
Department of Defense Fingerprint/Biometrics
Forensic Databases
Role of Forensic Science in the Legal System
Physical Evidence, Collection and Storage
Chain of Evidence or Custody
Important Types of Evidence in Legal Proceedings
Analytical Processes Used in Forensic Testing
Major Forensic Testing Areas
Role of New Technology in Reducing Forensic Backlogs
Forensic Science Instrumentation
Chemical Analysis Instrumentation
Drug Identification and Toxicology Analysis
DNA Profiling
Forensic Imaging Market Including Handheld Devices
Portable Explosives Forensics Imaging Devices
Handheld Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT) Imaging
Lab-On-a-Chip Portables
Portable Cadaver Detection
Market Composition
Government Regulation
Government Agencies
International Markets
Market Demand
Testing Trends
Markets for Forensic Analytical Techniques, Instruments and Supplies
Organic Materials Analysis
Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)
Inorganic Materials Analysis
General Analytical Instruments
Major Analytical Categories
Forensic Testing Market Size
Analytical Instruments and Supplies
Market Participants-Analytical Instruments
Analytical Instruments Company Profiles
Drug Identification Kits
Drug Identification Kits Market Size
Market Participants-Drug Identification Kits
Market Shares
Drug Field-Testing Kit Company Profiles
Toxicology/Immunoassay Market
Alcohol Analysis
Drug and Poison Analysis
Toxicology Immunoassay Reagents
The Market for Forensic Toxicology Testing Products
Immunoassay Company Profiles
Forensic Biology and Serology
Blood Grouping
Serological Characterization of Bloodstains
Pattern Analysis of Bloodstains
Bone Forensics and Skeletal Biology
Market Size
Forensic Biology and Serology Testing Company Profile
Fingerprint Ridges and Ridge Characteristics
Fingerprint Classification
Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (IAFIS)
IAFIS Enhancements: Automatic Feature Extraction and Matching (AFEM)
Product Types and Applications
Products for Obtaining Known or Criminal 10-Prints and Their Suppliers
Products for Developing and Preserving Crime Scene Prints and Their Suppliers
Photography Supplies
Digital Imaging Enhancement Software
Market Size
Market for 10-Print Products
Market for Electronic Products
Market for Crime Scene Print Products
Market for AFIS.
Fingerprinting Product Company Profiles
DNA Testing
Applications and Growth Rate
Short Tandem Repeats
Overseas Activities
Interpol Global DNA Profiling Data
DNA Testing Methods
STR Analysis (STR)
Mitochondrial DNA Analysis (mtDNA)
Y-Chromosome Analysis
Low Copy Number (LCN) DNA
Analytical Instrumentation
DNA Testing Products, Kits and Automation Company profiles
DNA Matching
DNA Identification Act of 1994
The Role of DNA Evidence in Law Enforcement and in the Legal System Today
Laboratories Performing DNA Analysis
Private DNA Laboratory and Kit Provider Company Profiles
Market Size
Federal Spending on DNA Backlog Reduction Program
Future Advances in DNA Profiling
Forensic DNA Research Priorities
Sequencing Software
Chapter 4: Technology
Techniques Used to Analyze Organic Forensic Evidence
Techniques Used to Analyze Inorganic Forensic Evidence
Emission Spectroscopy
Atomic Absorption (AA) Spectrophotometry
Neutron Activation Analysis
Techniques for Determining the Identity of Forensic Evidence
General Analytical Instruments Used for Forensics and Applications
Fluorescent Light Sources
Firearms Identification Systems
DNA Profiling
Chapter 5: Other Forensics Science Market Segments
Digital Evidence
Trends in Digital Evidence
Forensic Analysis of Cyberattacks
Many New Market Entrants
The Market for Digital Photography
Digital Versus Conventional Photography
Cybercrime and Computer Evidence Discovery
New Technology Issues Severely Impact Computer Forensics
Forensic Image Processing
Government Forensics Lab Initiatives
New Forensic Tools
Cell Phone Forensics
Other PDAs
Computer Evidence Company Profiles
Computer Forensic Tools.
Forensic Accounting
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
Bar Coding and Evidence Tracking
Examples of LIMS Systems
Software Forensics Tools
Forensic Palynology
Potential Revenue from Related Products
Chapter 6: Patents
Significance of Patents
Examination of Recently Issued Patents
Length of Time From Filing to Approval
Companies Receiving Patents
Selected Patent Abstracts
System and Method for Forensic Cyber Adversary Profiling, Attribution and Attack Identification
System and Method for Conveying Session Information for Use in Forensic Watermarking
Systems and Methods for Digital Forensic Triage
Forensic Signature
Method and Apparatus for Providing Forensic Visibility Into Systems and Networks
Method and System for Forensic Data Tracking
Methods for Forensic DNA Quantitation
Forensic System, Forensic Method, and Forensic Program
Method and System for Forensic Investigation of Data Access
Forensic Authentication System and Method
Databases for rRNA Gene Profiling of Microbial Communities
Remote Collection of Computer Forensic Evidence
Enterprise Computer Investigation System
Digital Forensic Analysis Using Empirical Privilege Profiling (EPP) For Filtering Collected Data
Digital Forensic Analysis Using Empirical Privilege Profiling (EPP) For Filtering Collected Data
Automated Forensic Document Signatures
Xanthene Dyes Comprising a Sulfonamide Group
Method for Determining Hard Drive Contents Through Statistical Drive Sampling
Methods for Rapid Multiplexed Amplification of Target Nucleic Acids
Automated Collection of Forensic Evidence Associated with a Network Security Incident
System for Analyzing Forensic Evidence Using Image Filter and Method Thereof
Compositions and Methods for cDNA Synthesis
Methods for Rapid Forensic Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA
Forensic Identification
Compositions and Methods for Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)
Efficient and Secure Forensic Marking in Compressed Domain
Fingerprint Scanning Systems and Methods
Fragmented Data File Forensic Recovery System and Method
Computer System and Computer-Facilitated Method for Nucleic Acid Sequence Alignment and
Methods for Identifying Bioagents
Methods for Searching Forensic Data
Forensic Toolkit and Method for Accessing Data Stored on Electronic Smart Cards
Forensic Test Strip and Method for the Detection of Semen
Forensic Integrated Search Technology with Instrument Weight Factor Determination
Methods, Panels of Identification Markers, and Kits for Identifying Forensic Samples
System and Method for Collecting DNA and Fingerprints
Methods, Panels of Identification Markers, and Kits for Identifying Forensic Samples
Adaptively Collecting Network Event Forensic Data
Methods and Apparatuses for Sorting Objects in Forensic DNA Analysis and Medical Diagnostics
Forensic Systems and Methods Using Search Packs That Can Be Edited for Enterprise-Wide Data
Identification, Data Sharing and Management
Compositions and Methods for Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)
Method of Indexed Storage and Retrieval of Multidimensional Information
Progressive Layered Forensic Correlation of Computer Network and Security Events
Detection of Latent Prints by Raman Imaging
Droplet-Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Method and Apparatus
Helicase-Dependent Amplification of Nucleic Acids
Method and Apparatus for Alignment, Comparison and Identification of Characteristic Tool Marks,
Including Ballistic Signatures
Capturing Air Samples for Forensic Investigation
Complexity Management of Genomic DNA
Methods for Rapid Forensic Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA and Characterization of Mitochondrial DNA
Chapter 7: Company Contact Information and Product Focus Matrix
Appendix: I
DNA Data Bank Laws by State in Effect as of May 2017, (Collected by The National Conference of State Legislatures)
Surreptitious DNA Testing
Appendix: II
Partial Listing of Principal Forensic Crime Laboratories in the United States
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington, DC
West Virginia
Appendix: III
Select Forensic Consulting Firms
Appendix: IV
Forensic Trade Shows
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List of Table

List of Tables
Summary Table U.S. Market for Forensic Products and Services by Segment, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 1 Percentage of U.S. Laboratories Performing Various Forensic Functions (%)
Table 2 States with Forensic Oversight Boards, 2013
Table 3 U.S. Market for Forensic Database Products, by Sector, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 4 Publicly Operated Crime Laboratories Performing Certain Types of Analyses* (%)
Table 5 Vendors of Biometric-Based Fingerprint Identification Systems, 2017
Table 6 Companies by Major Areas of Participation in Analytical Testing
Table 7 Vendors of Drug Identification Kits
Table 8 Partial List of Suppliers of Solid-State Fingerprint Scanners
Table 9 Laboratory Accreditation Statistics (% of Laboratories Accredited by a Professional Organization)
Table 10 Crime Index Totals, Through 2011
Table 11 Crime Laboratory Workload Statistics, 2005 (Case Requests)
Table 12 Forensic Applications by Instrument
Table 13 Key CODIS Database Statistics, 2000-2010
Table 14 Significant Producers of Specialized Microscopes Used in Forensic Sciences
Table 15 Most Successful NIBIN/IBIS Partners
Table 16 U.S. Market for Forensic Product and Services, by Segment, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 17 U.S. Market for Forensic Analytical Instruments and Supplies, by Type, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 18 Prices and Numbers of Analytical Instruments in Forensic Laboratories/Departments ($)
Table 19 U.S. Market for Forensic Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Instruments and Supplies, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 20 U.S. Market for Forensic Spectrophotometry Instruments, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 21 U.S. Market for Forensic Elemental Analysis Instruments, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 22 U.S. Market for Forensic Optical and Scanning Electron Microscope, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 23 Market Share of Optical Microscope Manufacturers, 2017 (%)
Table 24 U.S. Market for Forensic Fluorescent Light Sources, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 25 Market Leaders Supplying Analytical Instruments
Table 26 Arrests by Drug Type, 2011 (%)
Table 27 U.S. Market for Forensic Drug Identification Kits, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 28 Market Shares of Drug Kit Companies, 2017 (%)
Table 29 U.S. Market for Forensic Toxicology/Immunoassay, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 30 Market Shares of Forensic Immunoassay Testing Participants, 2017 (%)
Table 31 U.S. Market for Forensic Biology and Serology Testing, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 32 Fingerprinting Applications, Product Types and Suppliers
Table 33 Complete List of Live Scan Fingerprint System Manufacturers
Table 34 Complete List of Card Scan Fingerprint System Manufacturers
Table 35 Portable Mobile ID Fingerprint Scan Products and Vendors
Table 36 U.S. Market for Forensic Fingerprinting, by Product Type, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 37 Pricing Costs Per Unit for Fingerprint Systems and Supplies ($)
Table 38 Estimated Number of Criminal Fingerprint Cards Submitted to the FBI, 2003 Versus 2011
Table 39 Status of European Union Member State DNA Databases, Database Entry Criteria by Country, 2017
Table 40 Use Rates for Amplification Kits
Table 41 Most Frequently Used PCR Kits by Vendor
Table 42 Examples of Applied Biosystems DNA Kits
Table 43 Sequencing Analyzer Placements in DNA Testing Laboratories, 2002* (Response From
Facilities) (%)
Table 44 NDIS Approved Expert Systems
Table 45 Case Workload Statistics, 1 and 2000
Table 46 Federal Funding for the DNA Testing Backlog Reduction Program, Through 2020 ($ Millions)
Table 47 U.S. Forensic DNA Testing Convicted Offender, Arrestee and Case Data Completed Tests, Through 2016 ($ Millions)
Table 48 U.S. Market for Forensic DNA Testing by Product Type, Through 2022 ($ Millions)
Table 49 Forensic DNA Research and Development
Table 50 Research and Development Priorities in Use of DNA for Forensic Identification
Table 51 Principal Application Areas for UV-IR Forensic Photography.
Table 52 RCFL Program Highlights, Through 2014
Table 53 Examples of National Science Foundation Funding for Computer Forensics Research ($)
Table 54 PDA Forensic Tools
Table 55 Percent of Crime Laboratories with LIMS by Type of Jurisdiction, Through 2009 (%)
Table 56 Annual Revenues from Related Products, 2016 ($ Millions)
Table 57 Forensic Patents by Classification, 2008 Through 2017
Table 58 Duration of Patent Filing to Approval, 2008-2017
Table 59 Recently Issued Forensic Patents by Inventor/Assignee, Sample of 151, 2008 Through June 2017
Table 60 Company Contact Information and Product Focus Matrix
Table 61 Status of State Laws on DNA Databanks (Circumstances Under Which Samples Are Required)
Table 62 Organizations That Regularly Sponsor Forensic Trade Shows, Upcoming Calendar

List of Chart

List of Figures
Summary Figure U.S. Market for Forensic Products and Services by Segment, 2016-2022 ($ Millions)
Figure 1 U.S. Market for Forensic Product and Services, 2017 Versus 2022 (%)
Figure 2 U.S. Market for Forensic Analytical Instruments and Supplies, by Type, 2016-2022 ($ Millions)
Figure 3 U.S. Market for Forensic Drug Identification Kits, 2016-2022 ($ Millions)
Figure 4 U.S. Market for Forensic Toxicology/Immunoassay,2016-2022 ($ Millions)
Figure 5 U.S. Market for Forensic Biology and Serology Testing, 2016-2022 ($ Millions)
Figure 6 U.S. Market for Forensic Fingerprinting, by Product Type, 2016-2022 ($ Millions)
Figure 7 Gas Chromatography Schematic Diagram
Figure 8 Mass Spectrometer
Figure 9 Major Hyphenated Spectroscopy Techniques
Figure 10 UV/Visible Spectroscope Schematic Diagram
Figure 11 Principal Elements of an IR Spectrometer
Figure 12 Elements of an FT-IR Spectrometer
Figure 13 The Basic Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) Process
Figure 14 Principal Elements of an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Figure 15 The PCR Process

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