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The global footwear market is as fragmented as it is competitive. It features a variety of footwear styles that can be chiefly divided into – athletic footwear, all-terrain footwear, and non-athletic footwear. Athletic footwear comprises shoes made for running, walking, hiking, and other specific sporting activities. Non-athletic footwear typically features casual wear and dress shoes including but not limited to: sandals, pumps, loafers, moccasins, boots, slippers, boots, ugg boots, and so on. 


Other ancillary products that are considered to be a part of the global Footwear Industry include socks, shoe care accessories, and foot care products. This industry is similar to the apparel industry in that players are required to stay current with the latest fashion trends. The Footwear Industry has a few globally dominant players that earn multi-billion dollar revenue. These include multinationals such as Nike and Adidas. However, the industry also comprises a large number of smaller players with revenues of USD 1 billion or less.


Big footwear brands, for the most part, depend on large-scale branding and advertising campaigns to promote the unique and innovative features of their products. In recent years, the intense competition in the industry has compelled players to integrate novel features into their products. Thus, the footwear market has shoes that claim to tone the body or relive foot pain with acupressure points or footwear that helps relieve back pain. Original designs and technologies are changing the very dynamics of the global Footwear Industry.


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