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Footwear Market in China 2011

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Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Published Date : Sep 2011

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No. of Pages : 63 Pages

The Footwear Market in China is part of Netscribes Consumer Goods Industry Series. The market will be boosted by the increasing prosperity among Chinese populace and growing urbanization. The rise in retail culture is also triggering the footwear market in China. Consumers are becoming more fashion conscious and thus are creating increased demand for footwear.

The report begins with an overview about the global footwear market. The section provides information about the characteristics of the footwear market across the world along with forecasted market size till 2013. This is followed by the market overview of Footwear in China, providing details on the industry size in terms of volume and its growth. The section also provides the breakdown of the total cost of a pair of shoes manufactured by players operating in the footwear market in China. The report also discusses the supply chain of the footwear industry which comprises numerous stages before it reaches to the end consumers. An in-depth analysis of the industry reveals the major provinces where the industry dominates. It discusses the landscape of the major provinces where most of the footwear companies operates.

China is the largest exporter of footwear across the globe. The report provides detailed information about the size of exports and imports country-wise of footwear for the year 2010.

The report also discusses the distribution system of the industry which is transforming from traditional mode to direct sales.

Factors driving the growth of Footwear market in China are also explained in detail. Huge population and urbanization coupled with increasing prosperity among the Chinese populace are the major drivers for the industry while rising demand for leather footwear along with growing retail industry and changing lifestyle and fashion trends are providing significant opportunities for the market. 

The players operating in the market face challenges which are impeding their development and growth. Major challenges identified are surging costs of raw materials & labor and volatility in currency. 

Emerging trends in the Footwear market include Chinese manufacturers moving towards high-end footwear, manufacturing to design transformation and increasing popularity of functional health shoes.

The competition section outlays the competitive landscape of the Footwear industry in China briefing about the domestic and foreign players existing in the market. This section provides a ranking of the players based on the revenue and profits followed by a 3 dimensional analysis of key players revenues, profits and market capitalization. The report also features brief profiles of major domestic and foreign players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance, business highlights and their product portfolio, providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario. The competition section further provides a product matrix showing the players present in the various segments like fashion, casual and sports shoes.

Key takeaway section summarizes the entire market in terms of opportunities, trends and challenges persist in the Footwear market in China.
Table of Content

Page 1: Executive Summary

Market Overview
Page 2: Global Footwear Market Market Overview
Page 3: Overview of Chinas Footwear Market Market Overview, Footwear Market Size and Growth (2007, 2011e, 2015e), Breakdown of the Total Cost of a Pair of Shoes
Page 4: Supply Chain of the Footwear Market
Page 5: Major Footwear Industry Provinces
Page 6: Brief Profile of the Major Footwear Provinces

Export and Import
Page 7-8: Import and Export Data - Growth in Total Imports (2006 2010), Growth in Total Exports (2006 2010), Country-wise import and export (2010)
Distribution and Sales
Page 9 -18: Overview and Characteristics about the distribution and sales channel

Drivers & Challenges
Page 19: Summary
Page 20-24: Drivers
Page 25-26: Challenges

Page 27: Summary
Page 28-30: Trends

Government Bodies and Regulations
Page 31-32: Government Regulatory Organizations and Standards

Page 33-34: Competition Summary Product Matrix of Key Players
Page 35: Competition Summary Ranking Chart based on revenue and profit
Page 36: Competition Summary Bubble Chart based on revenue, profit and market capitalization
Page 37-50: Profile of Major Domestic Players in the Market
Page 51-62: Profile of Major Foreign Players in the Market

Key Takeaway
Page 63: Key Takeaways

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