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Food additives are added to food items for preserving them for a certain period of time. These additives can be either natural or synthetic. Food additives are also known to impart color, taste, and texture, to some extent, to food items. Today, these additives have become an integral part of the food and beverages industries as they are used in all the packaged food items. The growing demand for packaged food due to urbanization, changing lifestyles, and rising disposable incomes has had a positive influence on the consumption of food additives.

On the flip side, production and consumption of food additives has gained negative attention in recent years. The growing awareness about the hazards of consistently eating these additives has triggered a wave of consciousness amongst consumers. Furthermore, the increasing number of people focused on fitness and better lifestyle choices are also likely to cause a drop in the sales of food additives in the near future. ResearchMoz offers a wide database of reports on the topic to elucidate the aforementioned points.