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Flavor Appeal in Carbonated Drinks; Flavor preferences and innovation opportunities

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Published Date : Dec 2015

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Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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As adventurous consumers seek antidotes to boredom and monotony, flavor innovation presents a valuable route to growth for carbonated drinks. Flavors inspired by a range of ethnic cuisines and ingredients are a high growth segment, which reflects consumers' exposure and growing interest in new cultures and experiences. Rare and unconventional ingredients are also an important platform for innovation, as they can enhance perceptions of exclusivity and sophistication

Table of Contents


Attitudes and approaches to flavor selection
Carbonated drink flavor preferences at a glance
Flavor preferences by consumption frequency
Flavor preferences by region
Opportunities by flavor type: fruity
Opportunities by flavor type: unique
Opportunities by flavor type: tart/sour
Opportunities by flavor type: dessert
High-growth flavor segment: Asian pantry staples


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