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Feminine hygiene products are personal care products used during menstruation by women, intersex people, some transgender men, and non-binary people. They are also used for vaginal discharge and other bodily functions pertaining to the vagina and vulva. Some of the commonly known feminine hygiene products are sanitary napkins and pads, panty liners, tampons, menstrual cup, disposable razors and blades, and feminine hygiene wash. 

The global feminine hygiene products market has a copious number of manufacturers – international and regional – which makes the competition tough. To outsmart one another the players are seen investing heavily in product development. While the market for global feminine hygiene products has been expanding at a healthy clip so far worldwide, underserved markets in developing and underdeveloped nations present massive opportunities. Distributors and manufacturers are particularly focused on high growth India and China markets in Asia on account of their improving global profile and massive populations.