Fashion Tech Startups

Fashion Tech Startups

  • BCC Research
  • November 2019
  • Industry Profile
  • 84 pages

Report Description


This document is a special report focused on global fashion tech start-up investment. The goal of this document is to provide a more in-depth look at fashion tech start-ups that are expected to play a major role in the future. More specifically, objectives include identifying companies that are innovative players in the fashion space and start-ups that are attracting investment and dominate the market.

This report profiles major start-ups in the fashion tech space and explores the underlying technologies driving industry growth. It also highlights the various business models adopted in the fashion tech industry and covers investment trends present in various regions.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Study Goals and Objectives
Reasons for Doing This Study
Scope of Report
List of Tables
Summary Table : Investment: Fashion Tech Start-ups, by Region, 2016-2019
Table 1 : Notable Debt Investors, 2010-2018
Table 2 : Fashion Tech Start-ups, Capital Through IPO, 2010-2018
Table 3 : Venture Capitalist Investment: Fashion Tech Start-ups, 2010-2018
Table 4 : Fashion Tech Start-ups in Idea Validation/Pre-seed Stage

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