ResearchMoz provides market research solutions on automotive, healthcare, chemicals, information technology and more. The full list of industries we cover is here

ResearchMoz provides a range of business intelligence solutions based on your requirement. We offer syndicated, off-the-shelf market research solutions as well as customized, tailor-made options. Let us know your requirement by getting in touch with us at [email protected]

ResearchMoz has 9+ years of experience in market research and business intelligence services. Over the last 9 years, we have successfully built a large repository of data that serves as our in-house data source. This data repository is exclusive to us and is updated on a timely basis to ensure it represents accurate market conditions. In addition to this in-house data, we conduct detailed primary interviews with key opinion leaders. We also have paid subscriptions to large databases such as Factiva and Bloomberg.

We accept wire transfers, online payments (by credit card), and purchase orders. We dedicate an accounts manager to you who serves as your point of contact for every query, related to research and payment.

All reports are sent over an email to one or multiple persons, depending upon the license type you have selected. The reports are in the form of PDF, PPT, and Word. PDF is highly preferred by our clients, whereas PPT and Word can be provided upon request. A data excel sheet is provided complimentarily to all clients.

We are compliant with all local and international guidelines surrounding data privacy and confidentiality. Your information is only used to communicate with you for market research projects. We never share your information outside our organization for any promotional offers.

Buying a report is simple—you can simply select the report on our website and make an online payment. Further, you can also email/call us so your dedicated account manager guides you through the process. Once you select a report(s), your account manager will also inform you about the delivery time.