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Facial Skincare - US - May 2013

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Published Date : May 2013

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No. of Pages : 211 Pages

The sheer number of facial skincare products, claims, and benefits can create confusion for consumers when shopping the category, potentially deterring them from trying new products. Innovative retailing and marketing strategies to help consumers better navigate this overwhelming category may offer a fresh approach to facial skincare.

Some questions answered in this report include:

  • What are the opportunities to help consumers better navigate the facial skincare category?
  • How are multi-functional skincare products such as BB creams impacting the facial skincare category?
  • How will more stringent regulations regarding claims coming out of the EU potentially impact the U.S. facial skincare market?
Table of Content

Scope and Themes
What you need to know
Data sources
Sales data
Consumer survey data
Advertising creative
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary
Issues in the Market
Insights and Opportunities
Trend Applications
Market Size and Forecast
Market Drivers
Competitive Context
Segment Performance
Segment Performance—Anti-aging Facial Skincare
Segment Performance—Facial Cleansers
Segment Performance—Acne Treatments
Segment Performance—Facial Moisturizers
Segment Performance—Fade/Bleach
Retail Channels
Leading Companies
Brand Share—Anti-aging Facial Skincare
Brand Share—Facial Cleansers
Brand Share—Acne Treatments
Brand Share—Facial Moisturizers
Brand Share—Fade/Bleach
Innovations and Innovators
Marketing Strategies
Social Media
Facial Skincare Usage
Usage—Facial Cleansing Products/Toner
Usage—Facial Moisturizer
Usage—Specialty Skincare Products
Reasons for Using Facial Skincare
Shopping for Facial Skincare
Interest in Facial Skincare—Claims
Interest in Facial Skincare—Forms
Interest in Facial Skincare—Information Sources
Attitudes Toward Facial Skincare
Race and Hispanic Origin
Cluster Analysis
Key Household Purchase Measures—Information Resources Inc. Builders Panel Data

Appendix: Other Useful Consumer Tables

Appendix: Social Media

Appendix: Information Resources Inc. Builders Panel Data Definitions

Appendix: Trade Associations

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