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Ethnic Restaurants - UK - April 2012

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Published Date : Sep 2012

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Hotels & Restaurants

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Improving economic conditions indicate that demand for green and sustainable products will grow in 2012. During the recession years (2007-09) and the subsequent slow recovery, the green consumer base stagnated as financial concerns outweighed environmental concerns. However, current macroeconomic data shows that a reversal of fortunes may be in the works for the green market. Notwithstanding this, Mintels most recent consumer survey results show a decline in the number of those that think of themselves as dedicated green shoppers, which is surprising given the proliferation of green goods on the market across nearly every consumer category. There is however more to this data, and a suggestion that to some degree, green has become a norm, an expectation, and as a result is receiving less immediate attention.

This report closely examines both the economic and social factors impacting consumers perception of the green market and green products, consumer attitudes toward green products and their use of such products, as well as innovative green products and marketing techniques used across a variety of consumer industries are also discussed.

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