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Energy and sports drinks can be classified under the functional drinks market. These drinks comprise a growing market and industry analysts expect the energy drinks market to touch USD 62,000 million by the end of 2015. The market for functional drinks is expected to grow by over 30% from 2010 to 2015. Sports drinks, nutraceutical drinks and energy drinks are witnessing a growing demand as consumers become more conscious about their consumption habits. 


Energy drinks are different from sports drinks in that the latter help replenish lost body fluids during intensive physical activity whereas the former gives the consumer an energy boost. 


The consumption of energy drinks is highest in the Americas as this region constitutes nearly 38% of the global functional beverage market. The leading market player in this category is PepsiCo that is credited for nearly 24% of the total market volume. 


Sports drinks have been popular for several years now, especially among the youth as these drinks are typically endorsed by celebrities. However, the energy drinks market is witnessing rapid growth and it holds considerable potential. Energy drinks are perceived as being a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded, carbonated drinks. Hence, they are now witnessing an increasing demand from health conscious consumers worldwide.


The branding and marketing strategies for the energy drinks market are vastly different from other forms of beverages. Hence, most manufacturers approach the energy drinks market as an entirely different market entity.


That having been said, manufacturers constantly need to rely on high-quality data that can help them make the right decisions pertaining to their energy drinks products. 


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