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 Rapid development is being recorded in the global education and training industry driven by factors such as a demand for e-learning, preparation for competitive exams, and a fast growing foreign education market. These growth factors are only further propelled by the intensifying participation of private players in the education sector. As a result, high-value education services are much sought after in the current scenario. 


As the internet becomes the means to achieving several needs, e-learning concepts are widely evolving and register strong growth. This industry is projected to reach USD 107 billion by the end of 2015. E-learning presents several advantages such as a simplified training system, lower infrastructure and operational costs, unmatched flexibility, and thus competitive pricing. North America and Europe currently hold the strongest positions in the e-learning market, accounting for nearly 70% revenue. Besides general educational services, corporate training programs are an important revenue generator within the e-learning market.


The trend of acquiring a degree from a foreign university remains strong with a number of students travelling to other countries for educational purposes.


The Indian education sector holds great potential with the country’s economic growth expected to hover around 8% or more over the coming years. In India, the number of students that were recorded to have enrolled for higher education stood above 14.5 million, as of 2011. Market estimates state that the number of students projected to enroll for third-level education in India is likely to be more than 11% in 2014. Other countries where higher education is likely to grow are Brazil and Saudi Arabia.


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