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E-Retailing in the Automotive Aftermarket

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Verdict Financial

Published Date : Aug 2014

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Automotive Aftermarket

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Both physical and exclusively online retailers will have to address certain issues if they are to succeed in what is a congested and competitive market. This report will help you to understand the trends in Internet use and consumer behaviour in the online market. It will help your business to plan for the future by highlighting current and future trends within the aftermarket.

Levels of Internet use have been increasing annually across all of Europe, but with the advent of fibre-optic as well as standard broadband, there has been rapid growth in the number of people who now have access to the Internet.

The greatest growth has been in Eastern European countries. Ukraine has the highest growth of any country in Europe the number of Internet users per 100 people increased from 18 in 2009 to 43 in 2013. Romania, Hungary and Croatia have all also experienced rapid growth in the number of Internet users over this time.

In the emerging markets, the picture is somewhat different; Internet usage is significantly lower than in more mature European markets. Russia has the highest number of Internet users there were 61 Internet users per 100 people in 2013 and the second largest growth in the number of Internet users since 2009.

See how increasing Internet use sets the e-retailing market up for future growth.

Understand what physical retailers need to do to develop good online transactional platforms.

Understand how consumer behaviour is changing and identify how to respond.

Your key questions answered

How is the online channel set to grow and what does it mean for the aftermarket?

Which regions and countries will see the biggest increase in users of the Internet, and what does this mean for component sales?

How can distribution channels use the Internet to greatest effect to help them maintain their position within the market?
Table of Contents
1 Overview
2 Outlook
2.1 Increasing Internet usage sets e-retailing market up for future growth
2.2 Many physical retailers continue to lack a sufficiently well-developed online transactional platform
2.3 Consumers looking for increasingly convenient delivery options
3 Rising Internet Use Across Europe
3.1 Rising levels of Internet use in the emerging markets
3.2 Online opportunities
3.3 Chinese motorists use the Internet extensively for vehicle-related purposes
3.4 Indian motorists purchase online but are less inclined to research components online
3.5 Eastern Europe has the highest proportion of motorists using the Internet for vehicle-related purposes
3.6 Partnering with online channels can help garages to maintain market leadership
3.7 Internet use for vehicle-related purposes in the Leading Five markets remains low
4 The European Aftermarket Channel Analysis
4.1 Share of total revenue through the online channel
4.2 Changing aftermarket revenues by channel
5 Verdict Motorist Survey Key Findings and Recommendations
5.1 Methodology
5.2 Using the Internet for vehicle-related purposes
5.3 Buying vehicle components online
5.4 Component price remains a key driver of online purchasing behaviour
5.5 Using the Internet to research when components should be replaced
6 Case Study Online Tyre Retailing
6.1 Partnerships with hypermarkets can help pure online tyre retailers to grow
6.2 Dealerships must adapt quickly to remain competitive in the online tyre market
7 Case Study Digital Showrooming
8 Recommendations
8.1 Opportunities
9 Appendix
9.1 About Verdict Retail
9.2 Disclaimer

List of Figures
Figure 1: Internet users per 100 people, Europe, 2009 and 2013
Figure 2: Internet users per 100 people, emerging markets, 2009 and 2013
Figure 3: Revenue by distribution channel (m), total Europe, 2013
Figure 4: Online channels share of total revenue (%), 2013
Figure 5: Growth in total revenue by channel (%), 2013 and 2017
Figure 6: Percentage of respondents who use the Internet for vehicle-related purposes
Figure 7: Percentage of respondents who purchase vehicle components online
Figure 8: Percentage of respondents who purchase vehicle components online
Figure 9: Percentage of respondents who research replacement rates online
Figure 10: Percentage of respondents who research maintenance advice and guidance online
Figure 11: Total tyre market volume sold through online channel (%), 2013 and 2017
Figure 12: An example of a mobile fitting website from Blackcircles.com
Figure 13: BMWs eBay store
Figure 14: An example of a custom configuration from a digital showroom (Audi)

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