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Market research projects that the global market for the 10 most commonly used drug delivery device technologies will witness an 11% annual growth rate between 2009 and 2015. The market value will go from being USD 43.8 billion in 2009 to USD 81.5 billion by 2015.


Drug delivery essentially pertains to the administration of therapy drugs or pharmaceutical in accurate doses to the patient. Inhalation and absorption are two of the most commonly used methods of delivery drugs to a patient, worldwide. Sometimes, a faulty or inaccurate drug delivery system may adversely impact the effectiveness of the drug, despite its potency. For instance, the effects of a drug can be inhibited by the presence of gastrointestinal acids that occur in the digestive system. Thus, the way a drug is delivered is key to the performance and effectiveness of the drug itself. 


Drugs are typically administered orally, topically or via transmucosal avenues. Also, certain drugs are administered to a patient intravenously and are also referred to as parenteral drugs. These include protein drugs or peptide that could potentially lose their effectiveness or be damaged if they are administered via other avenues.


Today, the global drug delivery devices market is increasingly being driven by medication and biologics that make these drugs unsuitable for delivery through traditional methods. Localized or targeted drug delivery, such as in the case of diseases such as cancer, is becoming popular. This permits the disease to be treated locally rather than causing damage to the healthy cells that surround the diseased cells. These will prove to be key factors in the growth of the drug delivery devices market. 


 Some of the key products in the drug delivery market include: needle free injections, infusion systems, central venous catheters, and metered dose inhalers.


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