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Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Poland 2013

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Published Date : Mar 2013

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The distribution network for pharmaceutical products in Poland is made up of several main channels, including wholesale, pharmacy, non-pharmacy and direct and online sales. Pharmacy memberships in larger chains have been on the rise and are expected to continue to expand in the coming years.

Find out which specific market developments and trends are causing this shift, and resulting in other changes to the volume and value of the major distribution channels that bring pharmaceuticals into the hands of Polish consumers by reading Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Poland 201. Impact of the Reimbursement Act and development forecasts for 2013-2015, the PMR publication created with the needs of pharmaceutical industry professionals in mind. This innovative report compiles all relevant data, analysis and forecasts for each market segment into one convenient and easy to use document. 

The publication examines the companies setting the pace in Polands pharmaceutical distribution sector through detailed profiles that include financial data, strategic updates, market shares and planned activities. It explores the entire wholesale distribution segment, including non-pharmacy and hospital sales. It describes the number of pharmacy chains operating as independent entities and as franchise opportunities, and explores the number, scope and activity of the online pharmacies selling product to Polish consumers.

The document studies parallel import activity in terms of products, companies and permits, and covers the resulting consequences of Polands Reimbursement Act and other significant market developments on pharmaceutical distribution and its related business operations. It features a current database of independent pharmacy chains in Poland, made up of roughly 1,500 entries and offering data on over 100 store chains ranging in size from five to 20+ outlets. 

Readers will learn about the interactive aspects of the market, from wholesaler affiliations with pharmacies to loyalty schemes, consolidation plans and recent evolution of market share among the leading companies. The report reveals the key qualified players in the online distribution segment and the effects of reimbursement legislation on the overall growth of this segment in the years ahead. It describes the concentration of pharmacies throughout the country and reveals the financial status of some of the largest chains, some in excess of 100 stores.

Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Poland 2013, Impact of the Reimbursement Act and development forecasts for 2013-2015 is an extremely useful informational tool for professionals seeking comprehensive coverage of the market as well as in depth analysis of the effects of legal developments on growth and expansion. Pharmaceutical companies, wholesale distributors, retail pharmacy companies and investment specialists will benefit from the information it provides while developing corporate strategy, seeking investment opportunities and locating acquisition and expansion opportunities within the industry.
Table of Content

Methodology 13
Executive summary 17
Impact of the Reimbursement Act on the pharmaceutical distribution market in Poland 25
Pharmacy distribution 45
Non-pharmacy distribution 171
Hospital distribution 195
Direct, DTP and exclusive distribution 207
Parallel trade 211
Legal environment 227
List of graphs 237
List of tables 245
About PMR 248

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