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Dishwashing - China - May 2013

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Published Date : May 2013

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No. of Pages : 106 Pages

Most Chinese consumers wash their dishes by hand on a daily basis, so beyond cleaning power consumers are looking for more products that are skin-safe, environmentally friendly, provide added hygiene through antibacterial action and are convenient to use.

Some questions answered in this report include:

  • How are consumer's dishwashing habits determining product use?
  • Does product effectiveness remain a key purchasing factor?
  • Do additional selling points create a competitive advantage?
  • How are dishwashers perceived by the consumer?


Executive Summary
The Market
Companies and Brands
The Consumer
Consumer Dishwashing Habits Determine Product Use
Product Effectiveness Remains Key Purchasing Factor
Additional Selling Points Increasingly a Competitive Advantage
Dishwashers Seen as Convenient But Wasteful

Appendix: Frequency of Washing Dishes by Hand in the Last 12 months

Appendix: Ownership and Usage of Dishwashers

Appendix: Factors Considered When Purchasing Hand Dishwashing Detergents

Appendix: Features That Most Interest Consumers in Hand Dishwashing Detergents

Appendix: Dishwasher Detergent Features that Interest Consumers the Most

Appendix: Attitudes Towards Hand Dishwashing Detergents

Appendix: Attitudes Towards Dishwashers

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