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Dietary supplements contain a number of ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, mineral, or other amino acids and botanical products that are usually consumed orally in the form of a tablet, pill, powder, liquid form, or capsule. Dietary supplements are mainly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), however, does not need approval of the FDA before being marketed. Other than being consumed in adequate quantities, they are supplements that are mainly intended to provide nutrients and are not intended to treat or prevent any disease in case of dangerous circumstances. 


As per the research market, the U.S. dietary supplements market is augured to grow at a CAGR rate of 9% for the period 2011-2015. This segment has expanded notably across the globe evolving as the largest sector among various other sections of the pharmaceutical industry. As the core sales of this industry continue to grow, its extended effects are witnessed in the economy of the world, manufacturing infrastructure, job sectors, and other health care benefits in the form of prevention. 


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