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In 2012, the global value of the market for diabetes devices stood at an estimated USD 12.2 billion. A few years ago, this market witnessed a slight decline as the reimbursement levels were low and the competition among players in this market was very intense. Traditionally, the diabetes devices market has been dominated by 6 leading manufacturers. 

However, with a significant amount of research and development activities being conducted in the diabetes devices market, there are several specialized and niche products that have proven profitable for new entrants in this market. This has also contributed towards the changing dynamics of the diabetes devices market. At the same time, competition is just warming up in emerging markets that are yet to be established. This has opened up several business opportunities for market players of all sizes. 


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From the geographical standpoint, the U.S. is the dominant market in this sector. It competes closely with other geographical regions such as Europe and Japan. At the same time, the pricing pressure that manufacturers experience in these regions is something that cannot be ignored. This factor also accounts for a sluggish growth in sales volumes—an aspect that has been further aggravated by the economic downturn. Another restraining factor that the diabetes devices market experiences is a cut in government healthcare spending. 

Because of factors such as these, there has been a considerable spike in demand for devices that enable self monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). Another product segment that is becoming popular is products that facilitate manual insulin delivery. These products are especially popular in developing nations that are witnessing a higher number of diabetics.

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