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Development Trends and Future Opportunities of Virtual Reality and Its Applications

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Nov 2015

Category :

Virtual Reality

No. of Pages : 19 Pages

Following Facebook's decision to purchase Oculus VR, a VR (Virtual Reality) company, for US$2.0 billion, VR again grabbed headlines. With more branded HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) waiting in the pipeline that are poised to be released in the first half of 2016, more hardware and software vendors are devoted to the development of VR applications. This report examines the latest development of VR from three dimensions: key hardware, digital media content, and investment opportunities, with an aim to provide insights into VR trends of the future.

Table of Contents

1.Virtual Reality Has a Full Range of Hardware in Place 

1.1 PC/console-based VR Headsets Offer Higher User Experience but Costly 
1.2 Mobile-based VR Headsets Have Lower Entry Barriers 

2.Multimedia Content Production Still Encounters Challenges 
2.1 Video Content 
2.2 Digital Games

3. Venture Capitals and IT brands Have Different Highlighted Areas 
3.1 Venture Capitals Take Aims at Virtual Content Production 
3.2 Leading Brands Continue to Focus on VR Immersive Applications 
MIC perspectives 
PC/Console-based VR Headsets as Better Investment Options 
Multimedia Content Key for VR Monetization 
Multimedia Content Making Tools and Platforms, and Enhanced Immersive Experience are What Counts 

Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1: Comparison of Branded PC/Console-based VR Headsets Currently Available 
Table 2: Comparison of Mobile-based VR Headsets Currently Available
Table 3: Profile of Major VR HMD Headset Investees in 1H 2015 

List of Chart

Figure 1: Changes in Total Value of Venture Capital Investments for VR, 2014 - 1H 2015 
Figure 2: Global VR Venture Capital Investment Options, 1H 2015 

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