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Development of Worldwide Smart Clothing Market

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Jan 2017

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Consumer Electronics

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Back in the 1980s, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Philips as well as consumer electronics vendors started to use clothing as a carrier for computing devices for military or medical purposes. This idea led to the development of smart clothing. After textile companies and apparel brands jumped on the bandwagon, functional clothes integrated with mobile devices such as iPod and clothes that glow or produce heat according to environmental conditions were introduced. Compared to smart glasses and smart watches, smart clothing is in direct contact with most body skin surface. Driven by mobile communications, smart home, and wearable technologies, smart clothing has become a popular research topic for technology and textile companies as well as startups, bringing unlimited potential to the future market. 

Table of Content

1. Smart Clothing Market Scale
1.1 Emergence Stage with High Product Diversification
1.2 Smart Clothing Market to Hit 18 Million Units in 2020

2. Development of Smart Clothing Industry
2.1 Product R&D and Mass Production Plans of Four Types of Vendors
2.2 Leading Vendors' Product Development
2.2.1 Google Develops Materials and Platforms to Expand Ecosystem
2.2.2 Clothing+ (Jabil) Develops One-Stop Smart Clothing Solution
2.2.3 Everest Textile Develops Smart Clothing with Special Weaving Techniques and Infrared Rays

3. Key Issues
3.1 Technology: Battery Awaits Improvement
3.2 IP Rights: Wide Variety of Conductive Fiber Patents
3.3 Industry Standards: Lack of International Standards
3.4 Market Demand: Product Development Needs Enhancement
MIC Perspectives

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Table

Table 1: Smart Clothing Vendors' Products

List of Chart

Figure 1: Smart Clothing Shipment Volume, 2015 - 2020
Figure 2: Google's Commuter Jacket
Figure 3: Everest's Smart Clothing

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