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Development of Worldwide Brain-Computer Interface Systems and Main Players

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Mar 2019

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No. of Pages : 27 Pages

Leading international companies such as Tesla and Facebook have successively announced plans to develop BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology and applications, indicating a constant increase in the importance of BCI. This report analyzes 62 BCI companies in the world from technological development, product portfolios, and application development perspectives to provide insights into the current status of BCI technology and its applications.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction of BCI 

2. Introduction of Major BCI Companies 

3. Technological Development of BCI Companies 

4. BCI Companies’ Product Portfolios 

4.1 Head-mounted Devices: 
4.2 Software: 
4.3 Electrodes: 
4.4 BCI Systems: 
4.5 Bio-sensors: 

5. BCI Applications 
5.1 Entertainment/Gaming 
5.2 Personal Training 
5.3 Education 
5.4 Daily Activities 

6. Main Challenges 

7. MIC Perspective 


Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1 Worldwide BCI Companies 

List of Chart

Figure 1 Three Key Components of BCI 
Figure 2 Number of BCI Companies by Country 
Figure 3 Number of New BCI Companies by Period of Time 
Figure 4 Signal Acquisition Techniques Adopted by BCI Companies 
Figure 5 Non-invasive Signal Acquisition Techniques Adopted by BCI Companies 
Figure 6 Number of BCI Companies by Product Type 
Figure 7 Applications of BCI Technology 
Figure 8 Categories of BCI Technology for Consumer Products 
Figure 9 VR/AR Game Control using MindMaze’s EEG Headset 
Figure 10 Emotiv’s EEG Headset 
Figure 11 Emotiv’s EEG Headset for Stress Management 
Figure 12 InteraXon’s EEG Headset for Meditation 
Figure 13 Emotiv’s EEG Headset for Measuring Students’ Concentration Level 
Figure 14 BrainCo’s EEG Headset for Daily Activities 

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