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Development of the Global Smartphone Industry and Its Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 1H 2018 and Beyond

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Aug 2018

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The global smartphone market growth in 2018 is expected to be similar to that in 2017. Meanwhile, the long-awaited 5G smartphones will hit the market in 2019 but the widespread adoption of 5G commercial networks will have to wait until 2020-2021; significant replacement demand for 5G smartphones is projected to surface in 2020.

The smartphone subscriber growth in US and European markets remains stagnant, and India, the Middle East, and Africa now the major growth drivers instead; due to India's customs tariff for imports, Taiwanese OEM/ODM makers and smartphone brands like Samsung and Oppo have thus increased their investments in India for India-made smartphones. This report provides an overview of the development of the worldwide smartphone industry and major smartphone brands, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and vivo, and examines the latest development trends of AI-powered smartphones as well as its application development trends.

Table of Contents

Development of the Smartphone Industry
Development of Major Smartphone Brands
Development of AI-powered Smartphones 
AI Smartphone Application Development Trends

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