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Development of the Global IC Packaging and Testing Industry, 2019 and Beyond

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Jan 2020

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Worldwide OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) companies who perform IC packaging and testing services registered significant shipment value growth in 2018, thanks to a continued increase in memory production and an advanced inventory replenishment in anticipation of potential tariff increases from the US-China trade war. Worldwide IC packaging and testing industry shipment value in 2018 totaled US$29.462 billion in 2018, up by 7.69% compared to 2017. This report reviews the performance of the worldwide IC packaging and testing industry in 2018 and analyzes its development in 2019 and beyond.

Table of Contents

1.Worldwide Industry Shipment Value 

1.1 Steady Growth in 2018 
1.1.1 OSAT Companies’ Market Share Struck by Trade War 
1.1.2 Worldwide OSAT Market Slows Down in 2019 with Shipment Value Similar to 2018 
1.2 Taiwan Ranked No.1 in 2018 IC Packaging and Testing Shipment Value, Followed by China 
1.2.1 Top Six OSAT Companies’ Spots Remain Unchanged While Gap between Top Three Narrowing 
1.2.2 Taiwanese IC packaging and testing industry Posts Higher-than-Global-Average Growth at 8.4% in 2018 

2.Development of Leading International OSAT Companies 
2.1 Amkor Remain Steady Growth with Continued Focus on Automotive Electronics 
2.2 JCET’s M&A Continues to Deliver Synergy, Boosting High-end Packaging Share 
2.3 Tianshui Huatian Technology Did Not Live Up to Expectation in 2018 14
2.4 Tongfu Microelectronics Maintains High Growth Fueled by International Customers 

3. Development of Leading Taiwanese OSAT Companies 
3.1 ASE Benefits from M&A Synergy with Focus on SiP Technology
3.1.1 ASE Aggressively Develops SiP to Help Customers Reduce Costs 
3.2 PTI Strives for Product Diversification by Expanding Non-Memory Business 
3.3 CoF Packaging Becomes Mainstream, Driving up Chipbond and Chipmos Revenues 

4. MIC Perspective 
Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1 M&A of Leading OSAT Companies over Past Five Years 
Table 2 ASE Revenues by Business Types 
Table 3 Milestones of ASE-SPIL Merger 
Table 4 PTI Revenue by Business Type 

List of Chart

Figure 1 Worldwide IC Packaging and Testing Industry Shipment Value and Growth Rates, 2016-2019 
Figure 2 World’s Top Ten OSAT Companies by Revenue in 2018
Figure 3 Taiwanese IC Packaging and Testing Industry Shipment Value and Growth Rates, 2016-2019 

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