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Development of 5G Industrial IoT and Global Chipmakers' Product Strategies (Pre-order)

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Feb 2019

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No. of Pages : 18 Pages

The applications of IoT (Internet of Things) technology in the industrial sector have been seen as a huge opportunity for 5G-related hardware ecosystems. However, compared with the current mainstream technologies used for industrial IoT such as industrial Ethernet, 5G is not particularly appealing to enterprises in the short run. This report examines the advantages of 5G technology in the industrial IoT, compares it with the current industrial IoT technologies, and examines the IoT product strategies of Qualcomm and Huawei in the era of 5G.

Table of Contents

1. Use of 5G in Industrial IoT 
1.1 5G Industrial IoT Applications 

2. Development of Industrial IoT Technology 
2.1 Industrial IoT Mainstream Standards 
2.2 Integration of 5G and Current Communications Standards 

3. Development of Global Chipmakers in Industrial IoT 
3.1 Qualcomm 
3.2 Huawei 

4 . MIC Perspective 


List of Table

Table 1 Communications Requirements for Industrial Automation 
Table 2 Huawei's Deployment in Industrial IoT 

List of Chart

Figure 1 5G Applications in the Industrial IoT Sector 
Figure 2 Qualcomm's Ideas for 5G Industrial IoT 
Figure 3 Huawei EC-IoT 

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